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7 Ways to Grow Your Followers on Twitter Without Paying for Them

This blog article is a guest post from Kori Hill Wallace from AddThis.   A New York Times article about the practice of paying for Twitter followers recently caused a news feed frenzy. The exposé not only included figures for what it costs to increase your following, but also name dropped some of the more famous [...]

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4 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads that Work

Facebook Ads are an effective way to market your business IF you know how to create, run, and manage them correctly. There’s an art and science behind using Facebook Ads, and I want to show you how to do it. Put yourself in your consumers’ situation. Imagine browsing your feed on Facebook, and you come [...]

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5 FAQs About Social Media for Small Businesses

When it comes to marketing for small businesses, almost everyone is asking themselves the same question, “How do I get my audience to see my products or services?” In the 2018 small business landscape, this has never been easier. The eyes of the world are affixed on social media platforms, which creates opportunities to connect [...]

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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2018

When I started my digital marketing career in 2006, I had a flip phone that couldn't connect to the Internet.  I was able to bid and pay only $0.10 per click on Google and Yahoo for a lot of high volume, core keywords.  Facebook didn't have an ad network.   And retargeting advertising didn't exist. Now, [...]

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The Ultimate 2018 Digital Marketing Wishlist

The digital marketing world is absolutely full of tools. So full, in fact, it's often quite hard to discern which tools are worth your time and which aren't. Below is the full list of Main Street ROI's technology stack, which we use for both ourselves and our clients. Each program or service is tried and tested.  Read through to [...]

7 Facebook Tips for Your Small Business

So, your business has a Facebook page - now what? Social media marketing is great for connecting with customers and reaching new audiences, and no platform is more widely used than Facebook. Roughly 68 percent of American adults have Facebook accounts, according to a Pew Research Center survey from 2016. By comparison, the second-most popular [...]

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How to Decide Which Social Media Platform to Use for Your Business

Success with social media marketing hinges on your decision about which network(s) to focus on. Choose the wrong network and you could end up wasting your valuable time and resources with little to no gain.  Choose too many networks and you'll spread yourself and your team too thin to be effective. The solution is simple [...]

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3 Google Analytics Reports to Track Your Social Media Marketing

There's no question that social media has become an important aspect of digital marketing. With over 1.86 billion active monthly users on Facebook, 319 million active monthly users on Twitter, and 600 million active monthly users on Instagram, social media marketing offers a valuable opportunity for small businesses to get in front of prospects. The [...]

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How to Create Facebook Ads That People Love (& Also Generate Sales)

The holy grail of advertising is to create an ad that people like and actually want to share with friends, while at the same time including an offer to drive leads and sales. Watch a few Geico commercials to see how it's done. However, most ads fall well short of that lofty, 2-pronged goal.  They typically [...]

3 Things to Do Before Getting Started with Facebook Ads

If you want to be successful with your Facebook Ad campaign, it’s critical that you take certain steps before its launch. Here are the three things you need to do before getting started with Facebook Ads.   1. Define Your Goal How can you tell if your Facebook Ad campaign was successful? Unless you have [...]

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