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Should You Be Tweeting?

As a business owner, is social media marketing the best marketing investment you can make... an over-hyped waste of time... or something in between? I find myself answering a lot of questions about social media marketing lately, and so I wanted to share my advice with other business owners.   The Benefits of Social Media [...]

Google Places Levels the Playing Field for Local Businesses

Have you noticed the big changes over at Google? It's Easier Than Ever to Get Ranked #1 in Google For many years now, it’s been difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for small, local businesses to get exposure in Google. You either had to pay $5 per-click with Google AdWords (or much more, depending on your industry) [...]

How to Get Citations to Boost Your Google Places Rankings

One of the biggest factors to get your Google Local Business Listing ranked #1 is citations. In this article, I'll explain why they are so important and then give you the 4 major categories of citations so you can go out and get them to improve your rankings.   What is a Citation? If you're [...]

How To Show Up On Google (It’s Now Easier Than Ever)

It’s recently become much easier for local small businesses and professional service providers to show up on the first page of Google. For years now, Google has been one of the best ways to generate new customers. However, it hasn’t always been easy – or affordable. In fact, it’s generally gotten more complicated and more [...]

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