SEO Audits for Small Businesses

Main Street ROI performs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audits for small business owners, marketing managers, and consultants. We will conduct an in-depth SEO Audit so you can see the exact steps to get your website ranking higher in Google. Plus, we’ll schedule an SEO Consulting session, so you can get all of your SEO questions answered by an expert SEO consultant. As a result, you’ll come away with a clear plan to get your website on the first page of Google.

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4 Reasons to Invest in SEO

Why Choose Main Street ROI?


We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. We’re available via email and phone so you can get answers to your questions.


Unlike many agencies, we’re not a black box – we’re an open book. We provide detailed reporting on what we’re doing and the results you’re getting.

Industry Authority

Thousands of small business owners and marketing consultants subscribe to our newsletter and hundreds attend our monthly training webinars.

Proven Process

We use a proven, comprehensive process to ensure that your website and marketing campaigns are properly set up for optimal results.

SEO Factors We’ll Manually Review

SEO Factor

Why This SEO Factor Is Important

Website Structure Google wants to show the most relevant web page for any given keyword. So if you have a focused web page for each of your primary keywords, you’ll have an easier time ranking in Google.

Webpage Content

Title Tags Your Title Tags tell Google what your pages are about, and they are one of the biggest factors in your Google rankings.
Meta Descriptions Your Meta Description is the text that shows up that below your Title tag in Google’s search results. Meta Descriptions don’t directly influence your Google rankings, but a well-written Meta Description can help generate more clicks from your Google rankings.
Header Tags (h1, etc) Headers are the visible headlines on the page. It’s important to include relevant keywords, but most importantly write for conversion since these are highly visible to website visitors.
Website Copy It’s important to make sure that your webpage content will satisfy the intent of the searcher. In many cases, this means having a sufficient amount of descriptive website copy on your pages.
Image Optimization It’s best to use relevant, descriptive keywords in the Alt attribute and the image file name in order to optimize images for search engines.
Blog A blog is the easiest way to add new content to your website, and more pages of content will provide you with more opportunities to get found in Google. Also, for many topics, Google tends to favor websites with fresh content. In addition, prospects may want to read articles on your blog to gain confidence that you are a knowledgeable, expert provider.

Technical SEO

Canonicalization It’s important to make sure that each of your pages only loads with one URL format. You don’t want your website to load at both and because Google actually considers those 2 different websites – and it’s better to focus your efforts on establishing the authority and reputation of 1 website in Google’s eyes.
Structured Data Structured data is code to help website content be more easily recognized by search engines.
XML Sitemap A sitemap helps Google find and index all of the pages on your website.
Security (HTTPS) Google is now using security as a factor in their search engine algorithm.

Website Usability

Broken Link Check It’s important to avoid broken links (or “page not found” errors, aka 404 errors). Google wants to ensure a positive user experience, and broken links worsen user experience.
Website Load Speed Website speed is now an important ranking factor with Google. Plus, people dislike slow loading websites.
Mobile Optimization With the new Mobile-First Index, Google favors websites that provide mobile-optimized browsing experiences.

Local “Map” SEO

Google My Business It’s critical that you optimize your Google My business profile to appear in your area when potential customers are searching for your services on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
Citation Consistency One of the major factors in your local search engine rankings is the consistency of your citations (mentions of your business Name, Address and Phone number).

Backlink Profile

Domain Authority The stronger your domain authority, the more Google trusts your website, and the easier time you’ll have ranking your webpages in Google.
Anchor Text Anchor text refers to the text that is hyperlinked in a link. A sign of a natural link profile is that most of the anchor text is brand-based, with a smaller ratio of keyword-based anchor text. Google may penalize your site if you have an unnatural concentration of valuable anchor text.
Link Quality & Relevance The overall quality of the backlinks themselves is an important factor. If the links are coming from low-quality/unrelated websites, this could have a negative impact on your rankings.
Competitor Link Review If you want to outrank your competitors in Google, it’s important to review your top competitors’ link profiles so you understand their strengths/weaknesses.
Link Growth Healthy websites receive an increasing number of links year over year.

SEO Tracking

Google Analytics Google Analytics provides insights into your SEO traffic and user behavior.

How to Get Started

The in-depth SEO Audit and Consultation is $500, paid upfront.

To get started, click the button below and complete the secure order form.  After you complete the form, we will follow up via email to collect more information and to schedule the consultation call within 2 weeks from when you sign up.

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