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Google AdWords News: AdWords Review Extensions Get the Boot

It was a good idea, but not all good ideas succeed. Google decided to eliminate review extensions in January 2018, and Google deleted the review extensions and performance data from AdWords accounts in February 2018. In place of review extensions, Google recommended sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets extensions. How the Reviews Worked Google knows the [...]

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[AdWords Case Study] How Ruthless Ad Management Outperforms Equality

When I started playing football back in 1989, I distinctly remember how proud I felt when the coach gave me my first trinket on my helmet.  It was a star because I contributed to one of our wins that year.  I also remember my older brother who had dozens of trinkets on his helmet (similar [...]

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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2018

When I started my digital marketing career in 2006, I had a flip phone that couldn't connect to the Internet.  I was able to bid and pay only $0.10 per click on Google and Yahoo for a lot of high volume, core keywords.  Facebook didn't have an ad network.   And retargeting advertising didn't exist. Now, [...]

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The Ultimate 2018 Digital Marketing Wishlist

The digital marketing world is absolutely full of tools. So full, in fact, it's often quite hard to discern which tools are worth your time and which aren't. Below is the full list of Main Street ROI's technology stack, which we use for both ourselves and our clients. Each program or service is tried and tested.  Read through to [...]

What You Need to Know About Google Quality Score

Whether you use Google AdWords all the time or have toyed with the idea of starting a campaign, you've likely heard about Google’s ‘Quality Score’ -- the rating that Google gives your targeted keywords based on a number of different factors.  This score is also used to determine your cost per-click (CPC) and ad rank [...]

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Master Your Marketing Series Recap: PPC Industry Benchmarks from 50k Campaigns

Since August, we’ve partnered with other marketing professionals to present our Master Your Marketing Webinar Series. Once a month, we bring you digital marketing experts to share actionable advice, illuminating case studies, tips, and tricks to help you develop insight and skills around different aspects of marketing.  Last month, we had the pleasure of hearing from Beth [...]

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5 AdWords Tips to Maximize Your Campaigns in 2018

AdWords campaigns are a lot like baking. In baking, the vast majority of the work is done before you put anything in the oven. Baking requires preparing with exact measurements, temperatures, and times. With each of these prep elements, a subtle or accidental change can easily mess everything up. AdWords campaigns, like baking, rewards meticulous [...]

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The Mechanics of Google AdWords Optimization

The duties and role of an AdWords specialist are very similar to that of a car mechanic. Yes, you heard that right. Your old trusty mechanic, with a rag in his back pocket, wrench in his hand and covered in oil from head to toe is pretty much exactly the same as the average AdWords [...]

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Is AdWords Search a Good Option for Your Business? 4 Questions to Find Out

Deciding to advertise on Google AdWords can be a daunting step for any small-to-medium sized business. Frankly, Google doesn’t do a good job at spelling out what types of businesses would benefit from search ads. Nor are they particularly forthright about what to expect with different sized budgets. The whole AdWords platform is designed with [...]

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[Google AdWords Case Study] How to Increase Revenue & Decrease Cost at the Same Time

You've probably heard the following quote attributed to John Wanamaker, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." While that may have been true for John, that doesn't have to be the case anymore.  When Google AdWords is set up correctly, it's possible to see exactly [...]

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