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5 AdWords Tips to Maximize Your Campaigns in 2018

AdWords campaigns are a lot like baking. In baking, the vast majority of the work is done before you put anything in the oven. Baking requires preparing with exact measurements, temperatures, and times. With each of these prep elements, a subtle or accidental change can easily mess everything up. AdWords campaigns, like baking, rewards meticulous [...]

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The Mechanics of Google AdWords Optimization

The duties and role of an AdWords specialist are very similar to that of a car mechanic. Yes, you heard that right. Your old trusty mechanic, with a rag in his back pocket, wrench in his hand and covered in oil from head to toe is pretty much exactly the same as the average AdWords [...]

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Is AdWords Search a Good Option for Your Business? 4 Questions to Find Out

Deciding to advertise on Google AdWords can be a daunting step for any small-to-medium sized business. Frankly, Google doesn’t do a good job at spelling out what types of businesses would benefit from search ads. Nor are they particularly forthright about what to expect with different sized budgets. The whole AdWords platform is designed with [...]

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[Google AdWords Case Study] How to Increase Revenue & Decrease Cost at the Same Time

You've probably heard the following quote attributed to John Wanamaker, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." While that may have been true for John, that doesn't have to be the case anymore.  When Google AdWords is set up correctly, it's possible to see exactly [...]

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The Difference Between Google AdWords Search and Display Networks

To be blunt, it's easy to waste a large percentage of your advertising budget in Google AdWords. Google has designed the AdWords platform with advertising professionals and analysts in mind and therefore choosing the correct setup for your campaign's goals is often tricky. That is to say, one seemingly innocuous setting can throw off an entire campaign. In this article, I'll [...]

[AdWords Case Study] 3 “Cheats” to Instantly Boost Your ROI

If you grew up playing Nintendo in the 80's like me, then you probably remember the Contra "cheat" code to get 30 lives - up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.  That is forever ingrained in my memory! Contra was an incredibly difficult and frustrating game if you played without that cheat code.  [...]

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The Latest with Google AdWords: October 2017

The AdWords landscape as we know it is an ever-changing playground. Google strives to provide a better experience for the user and a more robust, effective way for advertisers to target and engage with their audiences. Main Street ROI, as always, has you covered with a roundup of some of the latest news and updates over [...]

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The New AdWords Interface – A Pick Of The Best Additional Features

The new interface is finally here, and I’ve been lucky enough to test the Beta version out. Google recently stated it will be rolled out to every advertiser by the end of 2017. The reason for the change was to “make the platform faster and easier to use than the current version.” In this article, [...]

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[AdWords Case Study] 5 Steps to Boost Conversions by 41% While Cutting Costs 33%

Over the past few months I started to notice one of our Google AdWords management clients was consistently generating more conversions at a lower cost per conversion.  When I took a closer look, I was pleasantly surprised to see conversions were up 41% and cost per conversion was down 33% since the campaign was launched. [...]

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AdWords Update: Dynamic Search Ads as Groups in Standard Campaigns

Google recently launched a new AdWords feature in the interface which allows you to create Dynamic Search Ads as groups in standard campaigns. When setting up a campaign you can now select a check box to "enable dynamic search ads for this campaign" and then you can set up an ad group with the group [...]

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