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How Do You Conduct Competitor Link Research? SEO Mastery 2023

Want to find out which backlinks your competitors are using, and capitalize on that information to build more backlinks of your own? Then check out this segment from SEO Mastery week 3: Website Reputation. In this clip, Kyle walks through a method of doing backlink research to uncover which sites are linking to your competitors, [...]

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Law Firm Marketing Best Practices, According to Legal Marketing Experts

Running a successful legal practice while simultaneously managing effective marketing strategies can be a challenge... How do you scale? Can you cut costs without losing business? Which processes can be made more efficient? Luckily for you, we've gathered some insider info from marketing agencies who specialize in serving law firms to provide their thoughts on [...]

Answer to Your #1 Question About Online Marketing

I recently reviewed a survey we conducted, where we asked small business owners this question: "What's your #1 question about online marketing?" As I combed through the questions, I realized there was a common theme.  A lot of the questions focused on the one thing to do, or the one tactic to use to get [...]

Are You Throwing Spaghetti At the Wall & It’s Not Sticking? Here’s Why

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks."  It's a common way to describe the process of testing many different tactics at the same time in order to identify what works (sticks) and what doesn't work (falls to the floor). It's a nice analogy to visualize the process [...]

How Do You Create Schema for Your Website? SEO Mastery 2023

Creating schema markup to add to your website is easier than you think. Check out this snippet from week 2 of our SEO Mastery webinar series where Kyle breaks down the tool he uses to create schema markup quickly. No coding knowledge is required to do this! If you would like to get a comprehensive [...]

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2 Google Ads Lessons Learned from a Recent Running Injury

Recently, I started to feel pain in my Achilles tendon while running.  Like most runners, I ignored it.  I just kept right on running like there was nothing to worry about.  That is of course until that fateful day when my Achilles was too sore to walk normally without pain.  When you can't walk, then [...]

Why Isn’t Your Website Ranking on Google?

What are some possible reasons why your site may not be ranking on Google? If your website isn’t ranking yet, there are a few things to check first… 1) Are pages being indexed? If not, then your site is never going to rank. 2) Does Google consider your site an authoritative source for the information [...]

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Why Your Marketing Plan Is a Training Program (Not a Report)

Your marketing plan will never have a big impact on your business unless you actually use your plan. I know that sounds ridiculously obvious, but it’s counter to our natural tendency to “hit and move on.”  To prove this point, have you honestly reviewed your marketing plan since you created it? Don’t worry if you [...]

3 Key Factors to Be Successful With SEO

I have a distinct memory of high school when one of my friends held up a wrapper that had the company's website printed on it and we all thought it was so funny for a company to have a website.  I mean, what was the point?  Who was going to visit a company's website? Granted, [...]

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7 Deadly Sins To Avoid In Your Customer Lifecycle

Today, I’m going to talk about the 7 core stages in any customer's lifecycle and the #1 mistake (or deadly sin) you must avoid in each stage. I say “deadly” sins because these mistakes over time can erode your sales and profits and eventually put you out of business.  So as you go through the [...]

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