Congruence = Secret to Google Ads Success

Whether you're new to Google Ads or a wily veteran, I can pretty much guarantee you will eventually fall victim to Campaign Tunnel Vision. This little-known ailment occurs when you overly focus your attention and effort on just one piece of your sales funnel at the expense of all the other key areas. For example, [...]

Law Firm Marketing Best Practices, According to Legal Marketing Experts

Running a successful legal practice while simultaneously managing effective marketing strategies can be a challenge... How do you scale? Can you cut costs without losing business? Which processes can be made more efficient? Luckily for you, we've gathered some insider info from marketing agencies who specialize in serving law firms to provide their thoughts on [...]

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How Do You Quickly Rank for a Target Keyword with Piggybacking? SEO Mastery 2023

In SEO, piggybacking is a tactic that can help you… 1) Get ranked quickly2) Get multiple listings3) Get additional exposure for your website outside of the Google search results page That means higher keyword rankings and more opportunities for relevant traffic to find your website. If you would like to get a comprehensive list of [...]

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[Google Ads Case Study] 3 “Cheats” to Instantly Boost Your ROI

If you grew up playing Nintendo in the '80s like me, then you probably remember the Contra "cheat" code to get 30 lives - up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.  That is forever ingrained in my memory! Contra was an incredibly difficult and frustrating game if you played without that cheat code.  [...]

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How Do You Conduct Competitor Link Research? SEO Mastery 2023

Want to find out which backlinks your competitors are using, and capitalize on that information to build more backlinks of your own? Then check out this segment from SEO Mastery week 3: Website Reputation. In this clip, Kyle walks through a method of doing backlink research to uncover which sites are linking to your competitors, [...]

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How to Actually Get an ROI With Social Media Marketing

A whopping 200 million small businesses use Facebook to connect with people. They don't use it because it fails them. They use it because it's proven to deliver an ROI. Have you ever wondered what other businesses are doing that you may not be doing? If you're not seeing an ROI or enough of one, [...]

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Answer to Your #1 Question About Online Marketing

I recently reviewed a survey we conducted, where we asked small business owners this question: "What's your #1 question about online marketing?" As I combed through the questions, I realized there was a common theme.  A lot of the questions focused on the one thing to do, or the one tactic to use to get [...]

Are You Throwing Spaghetti At the Wall & It’s Not Sticking? Here’s Why

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks."  It's a common way to describe the process of testing many different tactics at the same time in order to identify what works (sticks) and what doesn't work (falls to the floor). It's a nice analogy to visualize the process [...]

How Do You Create Schema for Your Website? SEO Mastery 2023

Creating schema markup to add to your website is easier than you think. Check out this snippet from week 2 of our SEO Mastery webinar series where Kyle breaks down the tool he uses to create schema markup quickly. No coding knowledge is required to do this! If you would like to get a comprehensive [...]

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2 Google Ads Lessons Learned from a Recent Running Injury

Recently, I started to feel pain in my Achilles tendon while running.  Like most runners, I ignored it.  I just kept right on running like there was nothing to worry about.  That is of course until that fateful day when my Achilles was too sore to walk normally without pain.  When you can't walk, then [...]

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