Lead Generation

Is Your Website Giving You ‘Layups’ or ‘Hail Marys’?

Last Friday I held our monthly Main Street Inner Circle "Office Hours" where members can call me directly.  One call stands out in particular because the member called me from her car while sitting in the parking lot waiting to pick up her kids. Now that is what I call making the most of your [...]

Do You Really Have a Lead Magnet?

One of the first questions I ask every new Marketing Breakthrough member is, "Do you have a lead magnet?" or "Do you have a free report to collect contact information from prospects on your website?" This is a critical component in every website because the vast majority of your visitors will not contact you or [...]

Is SEO or AdWords My Best Place To Start?

Last Friday I had lunch with an old college friend and her boyfriend, Tim.  Tim has been working on a new minimalist running shoe for the past two years and he's just about ready to bring it to market.  Hence, the meeting with me to pick my brain about next steps. If you know anything [...]

Display Advertising Is Not Just For Branding

On a Marketing Breakthrough call a few weeks ago, I was speaking with a business owner about online advertising, and I recommended display advertising as a new channel that she had not yet tested.  I knew there were relevant websites online for her business and at the time she was only advertising in search engines [...]

How to Automate Your Follow-Up & Fulfillment

It may come as a surprise to hear that I generally avoid new gadgets and software. I find new technology is a blessing and a curse. Mostly a curse though.  I'm not a tech geek despite the fact that I live and breath online marketing.  It's even harder to believe once you learn that I [...]

Congruence Across Devices Is Now Critical for Search Ads

Last year I wrote about how congruence is the secret to advertising success and in this article I'm going to take it one step further due to some recent mobile device trends.  In that article I argued that many advertisers suffer from Campaign Tunnel Vision, which occurs when you focus too much time and effort [...]

How to DOUBLE Your Conversion Rates

Over the past several months, I've been repeating the same advice again and again to our private clients, Inner Circle members, and customers. Here's my advice: Dumb It Down. If you want to double your conversion rate -- so more people contact you and do business with you -- then you should make it blatantly obvious [...]

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