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5 Website Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Sales

I received a question recently from a newsletter subscriber who asked, "How do I know if I'm losing sales on my website?" The short answer is that every website is losing sales every single day.  There's no way to convert 100% of the qualified prospects who visit your site.  That's just not realistic.  No more [...]

2 Facebook Ads Case Studies – Leads for Less than $2!

When I started in 2006, the cost per click of many keywords was only $0.10 in Google Ads (aka AdWords) and Yahoo (aka Overture).  Fast forward to today and it's nearly impossible to find keywords that cost less than $1 or $2 per click.  In some more competitive industries, keywords can cost up to $10, [...]

5 Best Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

What is one of the most effective tools for strengthening your relationship with prospects and customers so that you increase retention, repeat sales, and referrals? The answer may come as a surprise... It's email marketing. To clarify, I'm talking about email marketing to your own "house" list of prospects and customers, not to a list [...]

How to Transform Your Website from a Brochure to a Lead Generation Tool

Last week I compared your website to a 24/7 networking event where the goal is to collect business cards from qualified prospects and then follow up to convert those leads into sales.  But first and foremost, you need to collect those business cards! On your website, that means you need what we call a Lead [...]

Do You Really Have a Lead Magnet?

One of the first questions I ask every new Marketing Breakthrough member is, "Do you have a lead magnet?" or "Do you have a free report to collect contact information from prospects on your website?" This is a critical component in every website because the vast majority of your visitors will not contact you or [...]

What’s In It For Me? [Marketing Cartoon]

We’re going to have some fun with marketing today. :) I’ll show you how a silly cartoon can help you increase response to your marketing messages AND generate more testimonials and referrals from happy customers...   But First, Some Bad News Your customers are selfish! They don’t care about you, your company or your products [...]

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