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Do You Really Have a Lead Magnet?

One of the first questions I ask every new Marketing Breakthrough member is, "Do you have a lead magnet?" or "Do you have a free report to collect contact information from prospects on your website?" This is a critical component in every website because the vast majority of your visitors will not contact you or [...]

How to Follow Up Without Collecting Prospect Emails

I literally just finished typing up the April Marketing Action Guide for our Main Street Inner Circle members.  It's all about how to create what's called a "lead magnet."  The concept is simple, but it's not always easy to put into practice so I documented a step by step process any business can use to [...]

How Many Sales Are Slipping Through The Cracks?

If you're not consistently following up with prospects, you're letting an enormous amount of sales slip through the cracks in your marketing. You might already suspect this is the case... and yet, most businesses don't follow up. If you're not following up, I suspect it's either because you don't realize how important follow-up is, or [...]

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