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Google AdWords Campaign: 3 Phases of a Successful Effort

There are 3 distinct phases of Google AdWords advertising. And depending on which phase you're in you need to adjust your focus and your expectations for the ad campaign.  In other words, using tactics that are not appropriate for the phase you're currently in will result in poor performance. Let me put this into perspective for [...]

How to DOUBLE Your Conversion Rates

Over the past several months, I've been repeating the same advice again and again to our private clients, Inner Circle members, and customers. Here's my advice: Dumb It Down. If you want to double your conversion rate -- so more people contact you and do business with you -- then you should make it blatantly obvious [...]

The 5 Crucial Elements to Increase Website Conversions

A lot of time, energy, focus, and money is spent on different strategies to generate more website visitors.  This is because most business owners believe their biggest problem is traffic. They think, "If I can just drive more visitors to my website then I'll generate more sales..." However, that may not be the best answer.  [...]

How to Use Split Tests to Boost Website Profitability

If you are investing time or money in search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, or any other method to drive traffic to your website, then you want to make sure your website is designed to convert visitors to customers as quickly as possible. The goal of any online marketing campaign is NOT to generate visitors.  [...]

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