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Are Display Ads Just for Branding or Can They Really Drive Direct Sales?

If you've been led to believe display ads are only effective for branding and can not directly generate leads and sales, then this article is for you.  In my experience, many businesses do not launch Google AdWords Display advertising campaigns because they think display ads are only for big businesses running large scale branding campaigns (think Coca Cola). But [...]

Display Advertising Is Not Just For Branding

On a Marketing Breakthrough call a few weeks ago, I was speaking with a business owner about online advertising, and I recommended display advertising as a new channel that she had not yet tested.  I knew there were relevant websites online for her business and at the time she was only advertising in search engines [...]

Benefits of Direct Response Information Marketing vs. Brand Advertising

I recently met with the VP of Marketing at a large trading technology company to discuss their online marketing strategy. I was fully expecting to discuss ideas for a direct response information marketing campaign, but I was met with immediate push back. For the first time, I was hearing reasons for why a company did [...]

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