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A Guide to the Google Ads Universe

When you think of Google Ads, then where do you picture the ads?  My guess is you immediately think of the ads on Google.com.  Do a search in Google and you'll typically see 3-4 ads at the top of the page that look strikingly similar to the organic results, except for the small "Ad" text [...]

Are Display Ads Just for Branding or Can They Really Drive Direct Sales?

If you've been led to believe display ads are only effective for branding and can not directly generate leads and sales, then this article is for you.  In my experience, many businesses do not launch Google AdWords Display advertising campaigns because they think display ads are only for big businesses running large scale branding campaigns (think Coca Cola). But [...]

How to Find the Best Websites to Advertise On

On Monday I listed 5 reasons to love Google AdWords Display advertising.  If you're not sure display (aka banner) advertising is right for your business, then go read that article first.  In it I explain how Google has made some major improvements in their advertising platform that make display advertising both easier and more effective [...]

Digital Marketing Options If You Can’t Afford Super Bowl Ads This Sunday

This Sunday is one of the most anticipated events for both sports fans and marketing executives.  Of course I'm talking about Super Bowl XLIX.  Even if you don't know which teams are playing (Patriots and Seahawks), and you don't know the difference between a touch down and a touchback, chances are pretty good you're going to tune [...]

Display Advertising Is Not Just For Branding

On a Marketing Breakthrough call a few weeks ago, I was speaking with a business owner about online advertising, and I recommended display advertising as a new channel that she had not yet tested.  I knew there were relevant websites online for her business and at the time she was only advertising in search engines [...]

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