5 Website Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Sales

I received a question recently from a newsletter subscriber who asked, "How do I know if I'm losing sales on my website?" The short answer is that every website is losing sales every single day.  There's no way to convert 100% of the qualified prospects who visit your site.  That's just not realistic.  No more [...]

Copywriting Checklist: 7 Simple Steps to Dominate Your Niche

In today’s article, I’m going to walk you through a 7-step checklist to increase the selling power of your website, ads, and emails. This is the process I personally use when writing copy for our own marketing campaigns here at Main Street ROI, as well as for clients. But first, here’s some quick background so [...]

3 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting Traffic Into Sales

In business, every position has a defined role.  Salespeople sell.  Customer service ensures customers are happy.  The product development team improves the product.  And the list goes on and on... But what about your website?  Have you clearly defined the role of your website in your business? I would argue your website is simply another [...]

How to Make Sure You’re Creating High Quality Pages for Your Website

High-quality content is crucial for a successful website. We’ve all heard the phrase coined by Google “content is king,” which is true to a certain degree, but what defines quality? And, how can you ensure you’re creating pages that provide value to your audience as well as getting the green light from search engine giants? In [...]

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5 Best Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

What is one of the most effective tools for strengthening your relationship with prospects and customers so that you increase retention, repeat sales, and referrals? The answer may come as a surprise... It's email marketing. To clarify, I'm talking about email marketing to your own "house" list of prospects and customers, not to a list [...]

5 Website Ingredients to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Your website has just one job: to sell. Sounds simple, but there's a catch. Not every visitor to your website is ready to buy.  In fact, the vast majority of your website visitors are not ready. Think about that for a minute... Let's say you're a salesman and you have 100 people in a room interested in your [...]

5 Tips to Energize Your Content Marketing

In our last article, I explained why content marketing is extremely valuable to use for your business. But, just because you realize using content marketing to engage your audience is important, that doesn't mean you know how to create that content. This article focuses on how to create content that hooks your audience in and keeps [...]

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Why Content Marketing is the Key to Business Success

The phrase "content is key" has been buzzing around the marketing world for quite some time now. It's an easy statement to make, but not necessarily an easy one to fully understand for anyone who don't specialize in marketing or writing. In this article, I'll explain exactly what content marketing is and why you should start using [...]

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How SEO Can Fuel Your Other Marketing Tactics

Over the years I've noticed businesses tend to approach search engine optimization (SEO) in one of the following two ways: It's an afterthought. In this case, the business tries to add SEO separately like grafting a new branch on to a fruit tree. It's at the core of their digital marketing.  Rather than thinking SEO is a completely separate [...]

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