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3 Risks to Be Aware of When Researching Digital Marketing

When was the last time you took out an encyclopedia or looked something up in the dictionary? That's probably a tough thing to remember but there was a time that using them was the only way to find information. Then came Google. With mobile search, getting instant answers to your questions is incredibly fast and [...]

Digital Marketing Lessons from the 2016 Summer Olympics

Now that the 2016 Summer Olympics are officially over, it's time to reflect on the key takeaways.  More specifically, what can we learn from the Olympics that will help us improve our marketing for the rest of 2016? That might sound crazy, but there are actually some important marketing lessons you may have missed while [...]

Offline Marketing: 5 Ways to Use It for Online Campaigns

There's no question that digital marketing has become a key part of any small business marketing plan. A recent report found that 1/3 of businesses plan on introducing a digital program and nearly 1/2 already have. Unfortunately, that same report found that 50% of businesses that are using digital marketing have no plan on how [...]

4 Reasons to Shift Your Marketing Budget to Digital

For years, the creation of marketing plans consisted of allocating budget between mostly TV, radio, direct mail, and print advertising. During the 2000s, the growth in internet usage and the introduction of social media drastically changed the marketing landscape. Digital marketing became an essential part of business success. Like every marketing channel, digital marketing has [...]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Adwords for Your Small Business

In 2016, Google made $79.38 billion in revenue from advertising. That number tells me that not only are a ton of people using Google AdWords, but also that Google AdWords is highly effective. Adwords is not a good choice for every small business. If nobody is searching on Google for your products or services, then [...]

Is Your Business Getting Ignored Online?

My son, Emmett, is about 3.5 months old and he has already mastered the art of getting attention when he needs it.  If he wants mommy or daddy to come running quickly, then he just elevates his whining to more of a scream and within seconds he has full attention.  Or, if he wants to [...]

3 Ways Online Marketing Can Boost Your Offline Marketing ROI

Obviously I think online marketing  is great, but I also realize that many businesses do not (and should not) rely 100% on online marketing.  Other traditional "offline" marketing tactics like direct mail, telemarketing, print ads, TV, radio, conferences, etc. can also be very profitable methods to drive sales. And if you're already getting results from your offline marketing, then I have some great news. [...]

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