When was the last time you took out an encyclopedia or looked something up in the dictionary?

That’s probably a tough thing to remember but there was a time that using them was the only way to find information.

Then came Google.

With mobile search, getting instant answers to your questions is incredibly fast and easy. Simply type your question into the search box, or ask Siri to get you an answer and you’ll get an almost endless supply of articles and videos.

This can be done for almost any topic you need to research, including digital marketing.

The problem is that the instant gratification of Google comes with some risks. In this article, I’ll give you information on the 3 major risks to consider when researching online, especially when you’re planning to use this information to guide your digital marketing strategy.



Risk #1: Information Can Be Out of Date

The first major risk of searching online is old, out-dated information.

If you Google information about search engine optimization (SEO) you’re likely to come across some information that is no longer relevant.  SEO tactics have undergone a lot of change over the years and if you apply outdated information it may not only be ineffective, but could also get you into trouble with Google.

Digital advertising has also changed tremendously. I started advertising on Google AdWords in 2006. At that time remarketing, video ads, behavioral targeting, ad extensions, and demographic targeting did not exist!

If you tried to learn how to use Google AdWords by reading an older article you may find tools, buttons, and terminology are no longer relevant. It’s important to make sure that the information you’re using is current. Otherwise, it can lead to wasted time and lots of frustration.

Risk #2: Information Can Be Inaccurate

The internet is a free global platform which means that there are no prerequisites for someone to post online. This can make it difficult to determine whether information is trustworthy or not.

Email marketing is a perfect example of this. For years, people have published information about email marketing coming to an end because of the rise of social media. It’s easy to understand why people who write this since those same people are checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and dozens of other social media channels more frequently than they used to check their email.

However, those rumors are completely false.  Email marketing is still a tremendously important part of any digital marketing plan.

It’s easy to read these types of article and then make potentially devastating marketing decisions based on them.

Risk #3: Information Is Not One Size Fits All

Given the incredible amount of information available on the internet and the vast differences across people and businesses, it should be obvious that not everything you find online is a good fit for you or your business.

There are many factors that go into creating a marketing plan for your business including size, location, budget, and audience.  Your team’s experience level with digital marketing is also hugely important when determining what types of marketing channels to invest in.

For example, you may come across an advanced article about running a Google AdWords campaign or an advanced Google Analytics tracking technique. If your team is just getting started with digital marketing, this could be extremely difficult to follow and even lead you to incorrectly setting up and managing your campaigns.

Finding a marketing plan online that is an exact fit for your business is almost impossible…


What Does This All Mean?

To counter the risks above, you need to make sure you’re making smart decisions when doing research online by following up-to-date, proven information that matches your unique situation.

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