My son, Emmett, is about 3.5 months old and he has already mastered the art of getting attention when he needs it.  If he wants mommy or daddy to come running quickly, then he just elevates his whining to more of a scream and within seconds he has full attention.  Or, if he wants to play then he simply smiles or coos and all eyes and hands are on him.

I’m no expert on child development so I’m not exactly sure when he learned how to do this, but let’s just say it was only a couple months ago for argument’s sake.  Now, let’s turn our attention to your business.

Have you mastered the art of getting the attention of your target audience?

Isn’t that really what all this digital marketing stuff is all about?  Just like Emmett had to learn which sounds and movements would get mommy or daddy to come running, businesses must find the right marketing message and frequency that attracts and maintains the attention of their customers.  No pressure, but my 3.5 month old son figured it out in only a couple months! :)

In this article, I’ll get you moving in the right direction by walking you through 2 key questions you must answer.



1. Why Should Anyone Pay Attention To Your Business?

Think long and hard about why anyone should pay attention to your business.  The answer is not that you have a great (or even the best) product or service.  That should be a given.  There needs to be more for customers to truly care and to stay loyal to your brand.

What do you do to keep your target audience engaged?  For example, do you provide expert advice or even training in addition to just selling a product or service? Does your company help the “Davids” defeat the “Goliaths”?  Or maybe you’re giving “average Joes” access to luxury items?

In other words, why does your business exist, other than to make money?  Now that you have an answer, it’s time to scream this message out to your audience (like my son Emmett when he’s hungry at 3am)!


2. How Do Businesses “Scream” Their Message Online?

Over the past 3.5 months, I have figured out the different variations of Emmett’s whining and I know when he’s just tired versus really in trouble.  It’s to the point where I almost don’t hear certain types of whining.  It’s just background noise.

That same phenomenon happens every day with digital marketing.  Some businesses get ignored like background noise, while others always appear to be screaming so that everyone notices.  What’s the secret?

Well it all starts with answering that first question above.   Again, if you don’t have any reason for people to pay attention, then it’s going to be an uphill battle.  But, if you do have a reason, then it’s just a matter of putting all the content marketing pieces in place.

To help you get started, here are the 3 key pieces to “scream” your message online:

  1. Blog articles on your website.  This is how your message can get picked up by search engines so it’s in front of your target audience when their searching in Google.
  2. Social media marketing that delivers your blog articles and other messages to your audience on social media websites.  This is how your message can spread virally online.
  3. Email newsletter that delivers your blog articles to your audience.  This is how your message stays in front of your prospects and customers even when they aren’t surfing online.

When you implement all 3 pieces listed above, then you’ll elevate your whine to an unavoidable scream online.


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