Conversion Rate Optimization

Why Online Videos Are the Swiss Army Knife of Digital Marketing

As a kid who grew up watching James Bond, I thought the Swiss Army Knife was one of the coolest things my dad ever bought me.  The one I have (and still use to this day) includes a couple of knives, a pair of scissors, 3 screw drivers, a bottle opener, a can opener, tweezers, a toothpick, [...]

7 Ideas to Generate More Leads from Your Website

If you're looking for ideas to generate more leads from your website, then you've come to the right place.  In this article, I'll walk through 7 tactics that nearly every business can use that will convert your website from a passive brochure into a 24/7 lead generating machine. Before we get into the tactics, it's important [...]

Why Every Business Must Create an Autonomic Marketing System

Unless you're meditating or practicing yoga, you probably don't ever think about breathing.  That's pretty amazing considering how critical it is to continually breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Despite rarely giving this any thought, our body -- specifically our autonomic nervous system -- takes care of this function for us every second of every single [...]

How to Retarget Prospects Using Search Advertising (aka RLSA)

In the 3rd article of our 4-part Retargeting Advertising series, I’m going to cover one of the lesser known retargeting tactics, Retargeting with Search ads.  Most people are at least familiar with Display Retargeting, but did you know you can also retarget prospects using Search ads in It’s true, and if you’re already advertising [...]

3 Ways to Increase Your Customer Value

This is article #3 in our 4-part series covering the 4 Pillars of Effective Digital Marketing.  To bring you up to speed, the 4 Pillars are: Website Traffic Website Conversion Customer Value Tracking Today we're focusing on Pillar #3, Customer Value.   Why Is Customer Value Important for Digital Marketing? You may be wondering why [...]

3 Email Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses

Last night while my mom was talking to my daughter on speaker phone I thought it would be fun to ask her how many people she thought attended a webinar I presented for Target Marketing's audience. Her answer was "5". :) I laughed and told her to multiply that by 100.  Yup, over 500 attended [...]

Deflategate, Gas Laws & the Equation to Double Your Revenue

If you follow the NFL or pay attention to any sports-related news, then I'm sure you've heard about the infamous, "Deflategate."  This is the scandal regarding the Patriots using deflated footballs during their games.  The NFL has rules that regulate the inflation pressure of footballs and the Patriots were found using balls that were below the [...]

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