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Top 10 Reasons Email Marketing Is Key to Your Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is the rusty old hammer of the online marketer's toolbox. But rusty old hammers never go out of style -- search through any garage or tool box, and you're likely to find one. Email isn't new or exciting and people don't typically sit at coffee shops chatting about the day's coolest emails. But [...]

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

In a 2014 column by the late New York Times columnist David Carr, tech CEO Jason Hirschorn was quoted saying, “Email is a 40-year-old technology that is not going away for very good reasons — it’s the cockroach of the Internet.” Hirschorn was correct. In fact, email marketing and email newsletters have experienced a triumphant resurgence [...]

Email Marketing Lessons from Trump & Clinton

With this year’s election, there sure is a lot to talk about.  It seems like every day we have some new gossip on Trump or Clinton. But if you sift through all the noise, there’s actually a lot you can learn from this election - Specifically with email marketing.  In this article I’m going to [...]

10 Email Ideas: Use One of These When You Have Writer’s Block

You know how important it is to engage with your email list. You also know how email is a great tool for generating leads and sales. But, that doesn't mean you always have ideas on what to send! Even the best marketing professionals can get so wrapped up in a project that the creativity just [...]

3 Email Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses

Last night while my mom was talking to my daughter on speaker phone I thought it would be fun to ask her how many people she thought attended a webinar I presented for Target Marketing's audience. Her answer was "5". :) I laughed and told her to multiply that by 100.  Yup, over 500 attended [...]

The ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ In Your Marketing

Imagine you’re walking in an apple orchard, and you stop under an apple tree. Which apple do you pick? Obviously, you’ll reach up and grab the apple right above your head, right? Everybody knows you should focus on the "low-hanging fruit" when you’re in an apple orchard. However, many business owners ignore the low-hanging fruit [...]

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