Website Content Guidelines After the Google Quality Update

In early May 2015, Google released yet another update to their algorithm that shook up the search results.  This shouldn't come as a surprise considering how frequently Google is rolling out updates these days.  This update in particular, named "The Quality Update," changed the way Google analyzes the quality of any given webpage's content. Unfortunately, Google [...]

Why Duplicate Content is a Problem & How to Fix It

After our live training last Thursday on The Complete SEO Audit, I have received several follow-up questions about one important area of SEO: Duplicate content.  In this article, I'll review what we covered in the training and go into a little more detail so make sure your website isn't suffering in the search results due [...]

The 2 Numbers That Determine Digital Marketing Success

When you boil it all down, digital marketing success is determined by just two numbers: RPV and CPV.  If your RPV is higher than CPV, then you’re profitable.  If not, you’re losing money on that particular marketing channel. Can you guess what these numbers are? In this article, I’ll define them and explain why it’s [...]

5 Reasons to Start Blogging (Even If You Hate to Write)

I'm not a writer by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, one of the main reasons I studied engineering in college was because there were no writing assignments.  And on the rare occasion I did have to write a paper for school I would always double space with Courier New font.  :) Yet, last year [...]

Marketing Lessons from My NYC Marathon Training

Yesterday I ran my third NYC marathon and this year was by far the best both in my time and my enjoyment of the race.  I guess 3rd time's a charm. :) If you had talked to me back in 2008 (when I first started to run around the 1.5 mile reservoir), then I would have [...]

A Shortcut to Improve ALL of Your Marketing Results

On Friday, I explained how SEO, advertising, email marketing and social media marketing can all work together to improve your digital marketing performance.  In short, each of those 4 channels benefits from the others.  For example, as you improve your advertising campaigns, you'll naturally generate more traffic and sales from SEO because more and more prospects [...]

The “Keystone” of Successful AdWords Campaigns

Unless you've studied architecture or engineering, then you may not have heard of the word keystone.  A keystone is the final wedge-shaped piece at the very top of a stone arch.  Until this piece is correctly placed, the arch can not hold weight.  In other words, the arch would crumble and be worthless without the keystone. [...]

The 3 Critical Areas to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign

When I talk to business owners who are managing their own AdWords campaigns, they typically fall into one of the following two categories: First is the "set-it-and-forget-it" management style.  They check in on the ads once a month (or so), but for the most part do not make any edits.  In other words, they are not actively managing [...]

One Edit to Get Better Ad Position, Cheaper Clicks & More Sales

What is the one edit you can make to a Google AdWords campaign to get better ad position, cheaper clicks and more sales? Did you know that was possible? I promise, this is not a trick question. You can literally reduce ad costs while at the same time improve your ad position and generate more [...]

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