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Digital Marketing Return On Investment: 3 Steps to Improve It

I recently received the following question, "What are the steps to improve my marketing return on investment?" Like most general marketing questions like this, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.  The steps for your business may not be the same for my business and vice versa.  It all depends on your current situation. So the bad news here is [...]

How to Calculate the Potential Return on Investment from Local SEO

How much money could you make if you were ranking #1 in Google for your target keywords? That's an important question to answer because it tells you how much you can afford to invest in SEO.  The problem is there is no one-size-fits all answer to the question.  For one business the answer could be [...]

How to Track Your Digital Marketing ROI

This is the final article in our 4-part series covering the 4 Pillars of Effective Digital Marketing.  In case you haven’t been following along, the 4 Pillars are: Website Traffic Website Conversion Customer Value Tracking That means we’re going to focus on Pillar #4 today, which is Tracking. Tracking is the “ugly duckling” in most [...]

Are You Investing Enough In Your Business Education?

Source: One of the most common traits among the wealthiest business owners in the world is their insatiable thirst for knowledge. Self education is a top priority and every book, video, seminar, training course, or consultation is considered an investment that will pay dividends well into the future. Now it's easy to fall into [...]

Are You Profiting From SEO? 4 Metrics to Track

Think back to when you were in kindergarten and your friends asked you to play a new game.  What was the first thing you asked before you agreed to play? I'm sure you asked, "how do you play?" in order to determine the rules and the measurement to determine who wins.  You had to know [...]

5 Marketing “Investments”… Which Is Right For YOU?

If you’re like most business owners, you want to attract more customers.... and that means you need to make some kind of investment in marketing (with your time or your money, or a combination). Now, there are actually hundreds of different marketing investments you could make, because there is an endless supply of strategies and [...]

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