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How To Track Phone Calls Without Sabotaging Your SEO

During one of my recent SEO webinars, there was one question that kept popping up: "How do you track phone calls from your SEO campaign?" Since this is such an important topic I'm going to answer this question in this article.   Even if you're already tracking your phone calls, I urge you to read this [...]

How Do You Track Local SEO Campaign Performance?

When it comes to tracking digital marketing campaigns, I'm a huge fan of Google Analytics.  It's free, easy to install, and fairly easy to use once you get familiar with all the reports.  But Google Analytics is not enough to track local search engine optimization (SEO) performance. Have you ever tried to track local SEO [...]

How to Track Your Digital Marketing ROI

This is the final article in our 4-part series covering the 4 Pillars of Effective Digital Marketing.  In case you haven’t been following along, the 4 Pillars are: Website Traffic Website Conversion Customer Value Tracking That means we’re going to focus on Pillar #4 today, which is Tracking. Tracking is the “ugly duckling” in most [...]

The Most Important Google AdWords Metric & How to Track It

What if there was a way to buy your customers?  I mean, picture a store where you could find your ideal customers, place your order and walk out with your sales quota for the month. If that was real, then how much would you pay for each customer?  At what price point would your eyes light up [...]

How to Track Phone Calls From Google AdWords Campaigns

One of my favorite aspects of online advertising is the fact that you can precisely measure and track performance.  With Google AdWords search ads for example, you know exactly how many times your ad was displayed in the search results, how many people clicked on your ad, and how many people completed a form on [...]

How Do You Measure Digital Marketing Success?

In my experience there are 2 main reasons why businesses can fail to generate return on investment from a digital marketing campaign.  First is lack of planning.  Too often a business will launch an AdWords, Bing, or even Facebook ad campaign simply because they received a free $50 coupon.  Or, they’ll launch a social media campaign because [...]

Is Phone Call Tracking Hurting Your Local Search Rankings?

The final step in The Local SEO Formula is to track your local SEO campaign.   Tracking is obviously important so you know whether or not your investment to rank high in the local results is driving any new business.  If it is, and you're getting more traffic, phone calls, and customers, then you will [...]

Is Your Receptionist Killing Sales?

The first phone call is a critical step in the sales funnel and it's often overlooked because answering the phone appears so simple.  If you're like most businesses, then you focus on optimizing the marketing before the prospect calls and after the call is transferred to your sales team.  But what about missed calls and [...]

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