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Why Ralph Waldo Emerson Would Be a Terrible Local SEO Consultant

In grade school I remember reading Ralph Waldo Emerson's famous quote, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" and for some reason it stuck with me.  Probably because it's the only instance I know of where "hobgoblin" was successfully used in a sentence. :) In case you're not familiar with that quote, Emerson [...]

What Is the Best Marketing Opportunity for Small Businesses?

Let's see if you can guess what I believe is the best marketing opportunity for small businesses.  I'll give you 5 helpful hints. Don't cheat! See if you can guess before scrolling all the way down for the answer at the end.   Hint #1: Fast Results With this marketing tactic, I've seen clients generate [...]

Is Phone Call Tracking Hurting Your Local Search Rankings?

The final step in The Local SEO Formula is to track your local SEO campaign.   Tracking is obviously important so you know whether or not your investment to rank high in the local results is driving any new business.  If it is, and you're getting more traffic, phone calls, and customers, then you will [...]

Local SEO Tip: How to Spoonfeed Google Your Correct Business Information

On Friday, February 21 I'll be presenting The Local SEO Formula, which is a step-by-step live training about how to get your business ranked #1 in Google's local "map" results.  My original Local SEO Formula training was released back in 2011, and boy have things changed! The simple days of static Google Places business pages are [...]

Location, Location, Location. It’s Not Enough For Local SEO

What are the 3 most important factors in real estate? If you ask the cast of Million Dollar Listings New York (please tell me they're filming another episode soon!), then I'm sure they would all agree the answer is location, location, and location.  Every real estate agent knows that location is far and away the [...]

The Hummingbird Google Update Makes Local SEO Even More Important

I've been talking about the death of "old school" SEO for well over a year now, and the most recent Google algorithm update called, "Hummingbird" was the proverbial nail in the coffin.  Old school SEO is officially dead! In case you're not familiar with my terminology, "old school" SEO can be summed up in one [...]

How to Get Citations for Local SEO

This is a guest post by Paul Richardson of LocalVox. The SEO industry has grown rather quickly in recent years. Along with this we have seen the emergence of a local SEO industry as well. While local and national SEO are similar in many respects, there are also some distinct differences between the two. One [...]

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How The New Google+ Local Carousel Will Impact Your Business

Have you seen the latest incarnation of Google+ Local search results?  If you search for a business in industries like hotels, dining, and nightlife then you'll see a new horizontal "carousel" of local businesses.  See the image below for an example of Indian restaurants near my apartment. Just when you got the hang of the [...]

Is SEO Dead? Predicting the Future of SEO

In the past two years, Google has made significant changes to their search engine... and it's clear to me that Google's long-term goal is to make traditional search engine optimization (SEO) tactics obsolete.  And Google has only just begun.  In the coming years, SEO as we know it today will no longer exist.   Timeline [...]

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