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How Do You Track Local SEO Campaign Performance?

When it comes to tracking digital marketing campaigns, I'm a huge fan of Google Analytics.  It's free, easy to install, and fairly easy to use once you get familiar with all the reports.  But Google Analytics is not enough to track local search engine optimization (SEO) performance. Have you ever tried to track local SEO [...]

How The New Google+ Local Carousel Will Impact Your Business

Have you seen the latest incarnation of Google+ Local search results?  If you search for a business in industries like hotels, dining, and nightlife then you'll see a new horizontal "carousel" of local businesses.  See the image below for an example of Indian restaurants near my apartment. Just when you got the hang of the [...]

Is Google Places DEAD?

Yesterday, Google did the unthinkable... They killed Google Places! If you're a local business owner and you've invested time and hard earned money into ranking your Google Places page, then this news is probably quite disturbing. In fact, my email inbox was flooded yesterday and today by our Local SEO Formula customers who with good [...]