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How to Use Countdown Timers in Google Ads

Inserting countdown timers into your Google search ads is a great way to quickly and dynamically communicate to people: 1) What offers you're running2) When they end Incorporating that time scarcity into your ads is also a great way to compel people to take action before it's too late. After all, the primary function for [...]

How Much Should You Spend in Google Ads?

What should your Google Ads budget be? As is the case with many things in marketing, the answer is “it depends!” The cost per click for each keyword can vary wildly depending on the competitiveness of the industry, how many other advertisers are targeting that keyword, the geographic location you choose to advertise in, etc. [...]

Save Money by Assessing Display Campaign Placement Performance in Google Ads

Learn to save some money on your Google Ads display campaigns by using these three simple tips to assess and optimize placement performance. This is part of regular account management and should be looked at frequently to ensure your display ads are not serving in places which are not likely to produce leads or sales [...]

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How to Run Google Ads in Your Local Community

If you're running Google Ads to get foot traffic to your business, then there are a few different ways to optimize for the best performance. Using location targeting, location extensions, and dynamic location insertion are all great tools to improve local targeting and help people find your local business. When selecting your location targeting, think [...]

Top Google Ads Mistakes: Display Network for Search Campaigns

Opting Google Ads search campaigns into the Google Display Network is generally never recommended, despite appearing in the "Recommendations" tab frequently. This can be configured in the campaign settings menu. If you would still like to test serving search ads on the Google Display Network, then you can review performance by adding the "Network (with [...]

What is Keyword Quality Score in Google Ads & Why is it Important?

Looking at and improving keyword quality scores is a fundamental part of Google Ads management. The 3 components of keyword quality scores ad relevance, expected click-through rate, and landing page experience. A great way to improve ad relevance is to incorporate dynamic keyword insertion. This takes less than a minute to implement.

How Do You Interpret Your Auction Insights Report in Google Ads?

Learn how to read and interpret your Google Ads auction insights to better understand your campaigns. In this video, we'll be looking at where to find the auction insights report in Google Ads, what each metric means, and how to interpret those metrics in terms of your ad campaign performance. If you would like to [...]

Top Google Ads Mistakes: Display Remarketing & Optimized Targeting

If you’re running a display remarketing campaign in Google Ads and you want to make sure that only your remarketing audience is being served those display ads, then be sure to turn off optimized targeting! If optimized targeting is enabled, then Google will serve your ads to people who are similar to the audience that [...]

Save Money by Assessing Cross-Network Performance in Google Ads

Are your Google Ads search campaigns spending money on the search partners and display partners networks? Assessing your cross-network performance in Google Ads is a great way to cut costs, and ensure your advertising budget is being allocated most efficiently. Google will default to opting search campaigns into the search partners and display partners networks, [...]

What Are Dynamic Ad Groups & Are They as Great as They Sound?

Interested in running dynamic search ads in Google Ads? Dynamic search ads can save you time and help you uncover new keywords to target! However, this type of ad does limit your control as the ads manager, and can use a lot of your budget or even turn potential away customers if it's not managed [...]

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