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How to Find the Right Keywords to Target in Google Ads

Learn how to select the right keywords for your search campaigns in Google Ads. It's important to choose the right keywords to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience. Watch a step-by-step demo on using Google Ads' Keyword Planner, how to select the most relevant keywords to target, and some tips for optimizing your [...]

Are Your Google Ads Working?

Riley from Main Street ROI shares tips on evaluating the effectiveness of your Google Ads. He briefly covers… ‣ Conversion Tracking: Make sure conversion tracking is set up correctly to know if your Google Ads are effective. ‣ Conversion Goals: Distinguish between primary and secondary conversion goals, optimizing for those that impact your business's bottom [...]

Form Submission Tracking Using a “Thank You” Page in Google Ads

Learn how to set up form submission conversion tracking in Google Ads by using a "thank you" page. In this video, Riley walks through the process of configuring the conversion goal in Google Ads, how to set up the tag in Google Tag Manager, and how to make sure the tag is working correctly. Conversion [...]

What Are Negative Keywords, and How to Use Them in Your Google Ads Campaign

A business analytics company targeting enterprise companies bids on keywords around data science and business intelligence, yet its PPC campaign includes people looking for jobs in data science and BI. An optometrist running a search campaign focuses on the keyword “glasses” but finds her ads are being shown to people searching for wine glasses or [...]

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Landing Page FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Where do you send people when they click on a Facebook or Google ad? Your homepage? Perhaps a page you already have set up for the service you’re advertising? While the latter is definitely better than the former, you might be surprised to learn that neither of these is ideal—you should direct people to a [...]

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SEO vs Google Ads: Which Should You Choose? | Pros and Cons

In a perfect world, you’d have a marketing budget for SEO and Google Ads, but unfortunately, that’s not the world most small business owners live in! We always recommend pursuing both SEO and Google Ads for businesses that can afford it, but there’s a certain point where a budget is so tight that it’s better [...]

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How to Scale Smarter With Google Ads Performance Planner

Interested in getting campaign performance forecasts so you can better plan your Google Ads marketing goals and budgets? In this video, Kelly breaks down a powerful free tool available to all Google Ads advertisers: Performance Planner. Learn how to create performance plans, understand campaign eligibility, meet specific requirements, and maximize campaign efficiency so you can [...]

How to Use Countdown Timers in Google Ads

Inserting countdown timers into your Google search ads is a great way to quickly and dynamically communicate to people: 1) What offers you're running2) When they end Incorporating that time scarcity into your ads is also a great way to compel people to take action before it's too late. After all, the primary function for [...]

How Much Should You Spend in Google Ads?

What should your Google Ads budget be? As is the case with many things in marketing, the answer is “it depends!” The cost per click for each keyword can vary wildly depending on the competitiveness of the industry, how many other advertisers are targeting that keyword, the geographic location you choose to advertise in, etc. [...]

Save Money by Assessing Display Campaign Placement Performance in Google Ads

Learn to save some money on your Google Ads display campaigns by using these three simple tips to assess and optimize placement performance. This is part of regular account management and should be looked at frequently to ensure your display ads are not serving in places which are not likely to produce leads or sales [...]

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