You know how important it is to engage with your email list.

You also know how email is a great tool for generating leads and sales.

But, that doesn’t mean you always have ideas on what to send! Even the best marketing professionals can get so wrapped up in a project that the creativity just stops flowing.

Luckily, usually all you need to get over your writer’s block is a little inspiration. We’ve got you covered with 10 fresh email ideas below to help you.


1. Share Company Updates


Your business is constantly changing and it’s good to let your clients know about everything going on. Celebrate your achievements by letting your audience know about accomplishments.

Did you win an award or participate in a big event? Send out an email with pictures and details like the sample above from Court Street Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ. Maybe you’ve brought on new team members or renovated your space. An email is a great way to introduce a new employee or send photos of a new-and-improved look.

2. Put Together A Magazine-Style Roundup of Content


Writing blog posts and publishing good content is time consuming. Extend the shelf-life of your articles but putting together a roundup of your best content. Have previews of each article and then link back to your blog like the example above from lifestyle website

Not only will this help to engage your audience, but you’ll also drive traffic to your site and give people an opportunity to see valuable content they may have missed. Make sure you don’t slack with your email subject lines, either, so people are actually excited to open and read your content every week.

3. Announce An Anniversary


Celebrating the anniversary of your business is the perfect excuse to send out an email. Use this as an opportunity to thank you customers for their continue support like Sara, the owner of Acupuncture Atelier did in the example above.

This is also a great time to remind your list of any referral program you have. This is a great reminder for your clients to reap the benefits of sending you new business.

4. Invite Your List to an Upcoming Event


Get the word out about any special events coming up for your business. Whether you’re hosting an event at your location or participating in a larger local or regional event, an email is a great way to let people know.

Not only will you get a better turn out for your event, but this will let your clients know about the amazing things you do outside of the typical day-to-day workings of your business. This helps to deepen the relationship and understanding you have with your customers.

As an extra bonus, add a special deal that’s only available at the event like Fleet Feet did in the email sample above.

5. Fish For Feedback


Imagine how nice it would be if you could know exactly what your customers are thinking and what they want. The good news is you don’t just have to use your imagination to make this happen!

Send out an email asking the people on your list to provide you with feedback. In the example above Hootsuite put together a quick survey for people to take, which is a great option for getting information from your subscribers. You could also ask them to respond directly to your email and answer a few questions you’ve been pondering about.

Asking for feedback is not only helpful for you, but will make your list feel valued as well.

6. Get Social


^image via

Email your newsletter subscribers and ask them to like your social media accounts. The benefits of this type of email are two-fold.

First, you’ll let your list know that you want to engage with them as much as possible, which will help them to feel valued. Secondly, you’ll gain more followers on your social media channels and can then access the people on your list on multiple platforms.

7. Send A Reminder


Did you recently announce a special deal or a new product? Send an email to remind people about it. Reminders are a great way to announce a “last chance” to take advantage of a promotion you’re running and will often prompt people to take action quickly, which leads to more sales for you.

8. Just To Say Hello


^image via Constant Contact

People enjoy feeling appreciated.  Track how long someone has been on your list using your CRM system and then send them a check-in email “just because”. This is a perfect opportunity to offer them a special rate on a product or service as a thank you for keeping in touch.  You’ll likely generate a sale and make members of your list feel important.

9. We Miss You


Have a client you haven’t heard from in a while? Let them know you’ve missed them by sending an email. Include a special rate for them to enjoy when they visit you again. You’ll engage with members of your list, and likely save some customers that may not have come back otherwise.

10. Well Wishes and Happy Holidays


Sending well wishes to your clients for the holidays is a friendly want to engage with your list. Send out emails for all major holidays and let them know you hope they enjoy celebrating.

You can also ask people for their birthday when they sign up to be on your list, and then send them an email wishing them a happy birthday each year with a special credit our coupon to help them celebrate.

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