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Answer to Your #1 Question About Online Marketing

I recently reviewed a survey we conducted, where we asked small business owners this question: "What's your #1 question about online marketing?" As I combed through the questions, I realized there was a common theme.  A lot of the questions focused on the one thing to do, or the one tactic to use to get [...]

How Do You Create Schema for Your Website? SEO Mastery 2023

Creating schema markup to add to your website is easier than you think. Check out this snippet from week 2 of our SEO Mastery webinar series where Kyle breaks down the tool he uses to create schema markup quickly. No coding knowledge is required to do this! If you would like to get a comprehensive [...]

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Why Isn’t Your Website Ranking on Google?

What are some possible reasons why your site may not be ranking on Google? If your website isn’t ranking yet, there are a few things to check first… 1) Are pages being indexed? If not, then your site is never going to rank. 2) Does Google consider your site an authoritative source for the information [...]

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3 Key Factors to Be Successful With SEO

I have a distinct memory of high school when one of my friends held up a wrapper that had the company's website printed on it and we all thought it was so funny for a company to have a website.  I mean, what was the point?  Who was going to visit a company's website? Granted, [...]

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How SEO Is Like an Old Nintendo Role-Playing Video Game

This should give you an idea of my age.  I'll never forget how excited I was when Santa finally answered my brother's and my wishes with a brand new Nintendo NES box.  I rotated between Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt daily, and then eventually, I got hooked on a role-playing game called "Dragon Warrior." I [...]

2 Questions to Find Your Best Sources of Website Traffic

With digital marketing, there is certainly no shortage of hype about all the different tactics to drive traffic to your website.  There's SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, email marketing... Sorry, my hand cramped up trying to type up all the options. :) My point is, there's a lot to evaluate and [...]

Top 7 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

What’s the best digital marketing tactic for driving new prospects to your website? I’ll give you a hint - No matter which tactic you’re thinking of right now, you’re wrong… One Tactic Alone Can Never Be the Best Sure, one tactic will likely be better than others for your business, but that doesn’t mean you [...]

How to Find if Your Pages Are Indexed by Google

Ensuring your pages are properly indexed is a fundamental step in improving your website's SEO. The first place to check is Google Search Console, which is a great resource for submitting your sitemap and determining if there are issues with any of your pages. The second place to check is on Google itself via a [...]

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Use Search Intent to Guide Your SEO Strategy

Here's an important question to consider: In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), what's worse than not ranking on the first page of Google for your desired keyword?  You can't do any worse than that right? Wrong! You can actually do much worse. The answer is investing time and money to rank on the [...]

How to Edit a Page to Improve its Ranking for a Target Keyword

In this video, we will take a look at how to edit a webpage to improve its rankings for a target keyword to increase your website’s visibility in search. Implementing these simple SEO strategies on your most important pages is likely to result in a boost in keyword rankings, organic traffic, and sales. If you [...]

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