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Are YouTube Video Ads Better Than TV Ads?

About 2 years ago, I started testing YouTube ads and I quickly discovered that one ad format, In-Stream ads, performed very well.  The other two options, In-Search and In-Display, are great if all you care about are increasing your YouTube video view count.  But if you want to drive leads and sales for your business, then [...]

YouTube Advertising: How to Target Your Ideal Prospect

On Monday I posted the 6 reasons why YouTube video ads are a better option for most small businesses than TV ads.  You'll see at the top of the list (#3) is Precision Targeting. If you know exactly who you want to target, then chances are pretty good you'll be able to reach them using YouTube [...]

YouTube Video Ads Are a Huge Opportunity For SMBs

On June 16, I posted about "My Results Testing YouTube Video Ads" and then look what I found in my mailbox in August...   There's only one explanation... Yup, Forbes editors are obviously reading my blog. :) In all seriousness, I couldn't agree more with the cover of Forbes this month.  YouTube is certainly changing [...]

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