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Google Ads Search vs Display Network: What’s The Difference?

To be blunt, it's easy to waste a large percentage of your advertising budget with Google Ads. Google has designed the Google Ads platform with advertising professionals and analysts in mind and therefore choosing the correct setup for your campaign's goals is often tricky. That is to say, one seemingly innocuous setting can throw off an entire campaign. In this article, [...]

Are YouTube Video Ads Better Than TV Ads?

About 2 years ago, I started testing YouTube ads and I quickly discovered that one ad format, In-Stream ads, performed very well.  The other two options, In-Search and In-Display, are great if all you care about are increasing your YouTube video view count.  But if you want to drive leads and sales for your business, then [...]

YouTube Advertising: How to Target Your Ideal Prospect

On Monday I posted the 6 reasons why YouTube video ads are a better option for most small businesses than TV ads.  You'll see at the top of the list (#3) is Precision Targeting. If you know exactly who you want to target, then chances are pretty good you'll be able to reach them using YouTube [...]

How to Show Your Ads Only To Your Ideal Prospects

Did you know it's possible to advertise in Google AdWords and show your ads ONLY to people who have displayed an interest in your product or service? For example, if you sell high end bicycles, then you might want to target finance websites because this demographic skews to high income households, but limit your ads [...]

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