When you see a diet pill that promises washboard abs in a few months, do you believe it?

We all want to believe it will work because we want that push button, silver bullet solution.  But deep down I’m sure you don’t really think there is a pill that will remove body fat and replace it with muscle without any other lifestyle changes.  This has now become common knowledge due to all the research in the health field.

But what about when you see a digital marketing tactic that promises to solve all your sales problems in a few months?  Do you believe that?  Unfortunately, many businesses do!

Just like with our health, many dream of that magic marketing pill that will instantly fix our businesses.  The “pill” may be SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook, email autoresponders, blogging, lightboxes, lead magnets or any other hot tactic of the day.  We swallow the “pill,” sit back, and expect a windfall of sales.

Marketing Pill


Stop Looking For Magic Pills

There is no such thing as a magic digital marketing “pill”, or a single marketing tactic will suddenly skyrocket your sales.  Searching for this is a waste of time.  Instead, focus on the fundamentals.

With your diet, I’m sure you know that the fundamentals of losing weight and being more healthy are to eat right and exercise.  If you consistently eat healthy, whole foods and exercise on a regular basis, then you’ll naturally lose fat and build more muscle.  No pills required.

With your marketing, it’s essentially the same formula.  Consistently improve on the fundamentals, which I call the 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing Success.  These pillars are:

  1. Website traffic – driving prospects to your website
  2. Website conversion – converting visitors into leads and sales
  3. Customer value – your average customer lifetime value
  4. Tracking – measuring all of your marketing channels and sales funnels

If you increase your website traffic, improve your website conversions, raise your customer value, and set up proper tracking for all of your marketing, then I guarantee your sales will increase.  It’s mathematically impossible to not increase sales revenue when you improve on all of those 4 pillars.


Start Small & Build Momentum

The biggest hurdle to marketing success is taking the first step.  I’ve talked with businesses that wanted to do

[fill in the blank with a marketing tactic] for over a year, but simply haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

In no other area of my life is this more true than with exercising.  If you’ve ever had trouble getting back to the gym then I’m sure you can relate as well.  The idea of working out if you haven’t in a very long time is extremely daunting.

Here’s a little trick that I’ve learned over the years – start small.  I mean, really small.  Don’t decide to exercise and try to go for a 5 mile run or a 2 hour gym class.  That’s too much and you’ll probably just end up frustrated and deflated.

Instead, make a very small adjustment.  For example, last year before I went back to the gym I made the decision to stop using the elevator in my apartment (6 floors)  and at my office (5 floors).    I figured that was a pretty decent work out and best of all it didn’t take up a lot of my time.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that small adjustment started a chain reaction.  From that moment I started to think more about what I was eating and thought of more ways to get in quick workouts in my day.  Eventually, I finally made my way back to the gym and it didn’t feel like such a big deal anymore.

This same principle applies to your marketing!  Start small and as you build momentum each step will not feel as daunting as it once did before.


Where Should You Start?

If you’re having trouble determining where to get started to improve your marketing, then let’s talk.  I’ve set aside some time this month for 1-on-1 marketing plan sessions to help businesses take that first, critical small step forward.  To claim your spot, click here to fill out this brief application and we’ll be in touch.