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Congruence = Secret to Google Ads Success

Whether you're new to Google Ads or a wily veteran, I can pretty much guarantee you will eventually fall victim to Campaign Tunnel Vision. This little-known ailment occurs when you overly focus your attention and effort on just one piece of your sales funnel at the expense of all the other key areas. For example, [...]

15 Stats That Prove Google Ads Are A Great Investment For Your Business

Not sure whether Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) are a good investment for your business? Then consider the 15 stats below, which I organized around frequently-asked questions (FAQs) that I hear from business owners. First things first, if you're considering search engine advertising, then you need to answer this FAQ... Are My Customers Really Using [...]

Recent Google AdWords Updates You Need To Know About

Every year Google AdWords rolls out new features and functionality in an effort to make online advertising easier and more effective.  Unfortunately that means businesses must vigilantly stay up to date with the latest AdWords features or they risk losing sales to more sophisticated competitors. That's why in this article I'm going to highlight some [...]

AdWords Quick Start Guide: 10 Steps to Get Started with AdWords

According to Google, businesses make an average of $2 from every $1 spent on AdWords. With numbers like that, there’s no doubt that starting an AdWords campaign could be game-changing for your business. But, AdWords can be complicated and overwhelming if you’re using it for the first time and unsuccessful campaigns can be expensive. Creating a [...]

Google AdWords Management Is More Like Bass Fishing Than King Crab Fishing

With many forms of advertising, there's not a lot of "active managing" of the campaigns.  Certainly a lot of work goes into planning the media buys and designing the ads, but then once the ads are turned on, it's more of a waiting game.  For media like TV, radio, print, and direct mail, you'll need [...]

5 Benefits of Creating a Google AdWords Campaign (Even If You Never Turn On the Ads)

Regardless of whether or not you have money to invest in ads, I strongly believe every business should go through the process of setting up a Google AdWords campaign.  Even if you never turn on the ads, I guarantee you will improve your overall marketing. That's a bold claim and of course, there is one [...]

Automatically Bid To Maximize Return On Ad Spend

Last Thursday, October 3, 2013, Google announced a new AdWords automated bidding strategy.  If you're already advertising in AdWords, then this is very exciting news to help you improve performance with less time managing your bids.  If you're not advertising in AdWords, then this might be a good reason to get started soon.   AdWords [...]

“Upgrade” Your AdWords Campaigns To Enhanced ASAP

I have an important announcement for anyone advertising or thinking about advertising in Google AdWords. If you haven’t already “upgraded” to Enhanced Campaigns, then Google is going to automatically switch your campaigns on July 22, 2013. Do NOT wait for Google to migrate your campaigns for you! Take the time to go through the upgrade [...]

How to Show Your Ads Only To Your Ideal Prospects

Did you know it's possible to advertise in Google AdWords and show your ads ONLY to people who have displayed an interest in your product or service? For example, if you sell high end bicycles, then you might want to target finance websites because this demographic skews to high income households, but limit your ads [...]

Top 5 Google AdWords Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

I’m a huge fan of advertising. We’ve used advertising to generate thousand of leads and millions in sales for our clients over the years. Advertising is our preferred method of marketing, because you have total control over it. When it’s working, you put the money in and you get customers back. Lots of people are [...]

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