Google AdWords recently launched a beta program to test remarketing for Search ads and the early results are extremely positive.  Some advertisers are showing an increase in advertising return on investment (ROI) by as much as 50%!

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of retargeting (or remarketing in Google AdWords). Until now AdWords remarrketing has only been available for Display ad campaigns. But with this new program, you can now retarget on when your prospects are searching for related products and services.


How Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) Works

Essentially, RLSA works just like any old retargeting campaign.  When prospects visit your website they are added to a retargeting list.  Technically speaking a cookie is added to the prospect’s browser which allows you to display ads exclusively to her (or more specifically, her computer).  As more and more people visit your website, your retargeting list grows larger so you have more opportunities to display your ads.

But here’s where RLSA is different.  Instead of displaying banner and text ads on other websites, you can target your ads when your prospect is searching in!  That means you can advertise on a relevant keyword, but only show your ads if the person has already visited your website.


Why Use RLSA

Think about it.  If someone already visited your website, then she is familiar with your business and may already know about the benefits of your products and services.  Therefore, when she searches in, she’ll likely recognize your brand in the sea of competitors. So she’ll be more likely to click on your ad and convert to a customer compared to all the other people searching the same keyword.

And Google is backing this up with hard data from beta testers who are already using RLSA.  Some advertisers are seeing a 50% increase in conversion rates on the RLSA ads compared to the standard Search ads.  A 50% bump in conversion rates means you can increase your bids by at least 50% to move your ads up in the rankings.  As your ads move up the rankings, you’ll naturally drive more traffic and and more sales, while maintaining the same return on investment from your Search ads!

Can you see how RLSA can help squeeze even more profit out of your AdWords Search campaigns?  This is exciting technology that should become available to all advertisers in the near future. Ask your AdWords rep to make sure you get access as soon as possible.