It’s the season of gratitude and giving. While we all take time to reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for, it’s important to make sure the success of your business is on your list.

Whether you’re already focused on SEO or you’re considering getting started, investing in SEO is sure to make you grateful throughout the year.

Here are the top 6 reasons you’ll thank yourself later for investing in SEO now.



1. SEO Works.

There’s a reason that people have been focused on SEO for over 15 years — it works. SEO has changed a lot since the early days of keyword stuffing and the first introduction to local SEO. By keeping up with the ever-changing SEO trends, businesses are able to get in front of ideal customers.

As long as you use sound SEO tactics, there is a tremendous opportunity to raise your organic rankings and drive increased traffic to your website. In fact, in this case studywe prove that it’s possible to double your traffic and leads by investing in SEO.


2. SEO is a long-term investment in your business’s future.

Investing in SEO is like putting money in a retirement account. Unlike PPC or limited-time email promotions, SEO will be there for the long haul. The time, effort, and money you put into building your SEO now pays dividends over time. As you continue to build on it, you’ll begin to see increased rankings and more traffic. The long-term investment in SEO yields an accrual of benefits over time.


3. SEO is cost-effective.

Compared to online advertising and offline advertising alternatives (such as direct mail, radio, TV and print), SEO is an affordable option to invest in. While these other types of campaigns can drive immediate revenue, the up-front costs are often higher than with SEO. Plus, SEO is a lower-risk investment and is an asset that continues to grow year over year.  In my years of working on SEO campaigns, I’ve seen companies enjoy big ROI from SEO. For example, in this case study, our client had a 317% ROI on their SEO investment. That’s hard to find from other forms of marketing.


4. Local SEO puts you in front of local customers.

It’s no secret that mobile search officially surpassed desktop. People are frequently using search terms like “coffee/dentists/restaurants near me” and are given results based on the businesses that fit the criteria with a certain geographical area. The great thing about these types of searches is that the user is typically local, looking for an immediate answer and is ready to make a decision. This creates an opportunity for you to generate local prospects who will quickly turn into customers.


5. Investing in SEO now will  help you stay competitive.

As awareness about the value of SEO grows, your competitors are likely to start investing in it, if they haven’t done so already. By investing in SEO, you can solidify your ranking positions for valuable keywords and stay ahead of your competition. If your competition invests in SEO and you don’t, you lose out on the opportunity to have your business’s name in front of valuable potential customers.


6. SEO supports your other marketing campaigns.

When you spend the time and money to invest in social media, email marketing, PPC, and offline marketing campaigns, you want to ensure you have the support system in place to make them successful. Most prospects nowadays will do their research before making a purchase. So, if someone sees a Facebook advertisement promoting your business, they’re likely to search for your company to find reviews and make sure you’re legitimate. By investing in SEO, you’ll also build a strong online reputation and put your business in the position to turn prospects into customers.


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