Every month, we feature a member of our team here at Main Street ROI. This month, we’re featuring our Marketing Advisor, Vanessa Lane.

How did you get into digital marketing?

My passion for working with entrepreneurs and small business owners led me into the field of digital marketing.  I had been working on a freelance basis doing business development for small businesses since 2010, and digital marketing was an aspect of my work.  As I started learning more and more about digital marketing and seeing the results it could yield for my clients, I realized even more strongly what an important tool it is for small businesses.

Upon being offered a position with Main Street ROI, I jumped at the chance to delve deeper into the digital marketing world, and work with a company that is truly on the forefront of this ever-changing industry!

What do you like most about working with small business clients?

Small business owners and their employees are some of the most passionate and driven people on the planet!  Starting and running a business is extremely hard work, and I love working with such dedicated, creative and hard-working people.  My parents are both small business owners themselves, so I grew up with a deep appreciation for the struggles and triumphs of owning a small business.

Vanessa Lane Family

What do you like most about working at Main Street ROI?

The people!  It’s great to work with such a dedicated team of enthusiastic and hard-working individuals.  I can tell my colleagues really care about getting results for our clients, and providing only the highest quality work.  This aspect of MSROI makes it so much easier to feel confident about the quality of services we provide, and that we will do everything in our power to provide a unique, fully transparent and customer service-oriented experience for our clients.   Everyone at MSROI is invested in making this agency the best that it can be – which makes it a really fun and enjoyable place to work!

What do you like to do outside of the office?

One of my passions outside of digital marketing is traveling!   I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to the world outside the US at a young age, and have had the ‘travel bug’ ever since.  I’ve been all over the world – including India, South East Asia, South and Central America, all over Europe and some parts of Scandinavia and a host of tropical islands (my husband loves the beach).  Next on my list is Africa…although with a baby on the way that trip might be on hold for a while!

Outside of traveling, I love acting (I’ve been in a number of commercials and a few TV shows), cooking, practicing yoga, and bargain hunting.

Vanessa traveling