Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s not only because of the food (though I always enjoy my fair share of pumpkin pie and stuffing) but also because it’s a holiday where people celebrate the gratitude they have for all the good things in their lives. Last year, I wrote an entire blog post about why I’m grateful to work for Main Street ROI, all of which is still true. So, rather than write another post saying the same things, I figured this year it would be good to change it up a bit.

A few years ago, I started a new tradition in my family where we sit down at the table and go around and everyone shares something they’re grateful for from the past year. I decided to bring that tradition to the Main Street ROI family as well and I reached out to everyone else on our team to find out why they’re grateful to work at MSROI. Read on below to learn a bit more about our team and why we’re grateful to be part of the MSROI family.

Happy Thanksgiving from the MSROI Team


Nicole Lisanti, Marketing Coordinator

I’m a mother of two with a husband who has long hours so working at Main Street ROI has been a blessing.  I work from home which makes running a household that much easier.  The flexibility offered allows me to lead a healthy & active lifestyle while also being able to be active in my children’s school.  I’m a full-time mother first; everything else fights for second place and working at Main Street ROI has also helped me to fine tune my time management skills.  I’ve learned so much from Pete & Phil and I am forever thankful for this amazing job opportunity they offered me quite some time ago!


andrea-headshotAndrea Rozman, Client Operations Manager

Education, Education, Education!  Many times we get stuck in just doing a job and it becomes part of the routine every day.  The nature of our business here at Main Street ROI (digital marketing) is always changing.  Something new is constantly pushing us to learn, develop, innovate and continually educate so that we’re the best for our clients.  I don’t think I’ve had a day where I haven’t learned something new!


lgreen_photoLisa Green, Digital Advertising Analyst

Everyone at Main Street ROI cares about delivering a quality service. We’re encouraged to work when we’re most productive vs. conforming to a rigid schedule. The flexibility is amazing and ultimately makes our output that much stronger. People are always willing to teach you things and no one ever makes you feel bad for not knowing something. It’s always just another opportunity to learn. I appreciate being able to work with such smart, thoughtful, and compassionate people every day!


kellyeKellye Neuweiler, Writer

As a writer, my creativity ebbs and flows. It’s not present consistently between the hours of 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. Sometimes, I do my best work on my laptop while waiting for my daughter’s soccer practice to end. Other times, I’m in the mood to write while my husband’s making dinner and my kids are doing their homework. I’m thankful to have found a company that cares about receiving quality work on time, not when or where I do that work. MSROI allows employees the freedom to achieve work-life balance, which is so important!


peter-fuscoPeter Fusco, SEO Analyst

I’ve worked for larger corporate entities and I’ve worked for very small start-ups, MSROI’s focus on small-to-medium sized businesses is what I find the most satisfying. The strengthening effect we can have on local business (and their communities) is challenging, fun and satisfying.



 jane_boyce_headshot_152x152Jane Boyce, Digital Advertising Analyst

MSROI is a wonderful environment to work in because everyone genuinely cares about their team members and there is a lot of flexibility. Working with a nice group of people and having work/life balance are two reasons to be thankful to work at the company. In addition, the team really knows their products and works hard to always deliver quality results for clients.



melanie-greenMelanie Green, Writer

I am thankful to work at Main Street ROI because I truly believe in the work that we do. Well-written content can transform a business’s website and ability to stay afloat, even in difficult economic times or highly competitive markets. Clear error-free content can help establish a level of professionalism that new customers trust. There are few other writing jobs where you can really see quantitative performance improvements, such as increased traffic or conversions. It makes me feel that we have the ability to make a real difference for our clients.


kwasiKwasi Asare-Darko, Digital Advertising Analyst

If you’ve ever started a business, you know why there is a dire need for agencies like MSROI. The balancing act of keeping your business afloat while figuring out ways to get potential customers to pay attention is very daunting, to say the least. I appreciate the fact that on top of helping these businesses navigate the complexities of digital marketing (while turning a profit), we do things the right way. The right way being: not making promises we can’t keep, being transparent with our clients (almost to a fault), forming partnerships that benefit our clients and best of all, teaching our clients (and whoever will listen) basic and advanced digital marketing strategies. It is extremely rare to find a digital agency that helps SMBs with their online marketing and educates them for free. For this, I am thankful (and glad) to work at MSROI.


Josh_hackingJosh Hacking, Digital Marketing Analyst

MSROI has given me the opportunity to work from home with a flexible schedule that I can tailor around my busy life with two kids. Without that flexibility, I would have to try and find a full-time babysitter and work away from my family every day. I love working for a small company that helps and cares about small businesses around the world. It is a great feeling to be able to enjoy the work you do and the people you work with, but also know that the work you’re doing is helping others succeed. On top of all that I am able to continually learn new things in the world of SEO and digital marketing from the experts around me at MSROI and other partner companies, we work with. MSROI has truly been a blessing to me and my family and I am so grateful to be able to call MSROI my family.


phil-squarePhil Frost, Founder & Chief Operations Officer

I’m most thankful for who I get to work with every day – our team, our partners, and our clients.  My favorite day of the month is when our team meets in the office in-person and virtually on the big screen.  Everyone genuinely cares about our mission to help small businesses and you can really feel the energy when we’re all together.  We have also formed some strong partnerships over the years with like-minded businesses and consultants to expand our reach and help even more small businesses.  And, of course, I’m thankful for our clients.  There’s nothing more rewarding in our business than getting to see our clients’ growth over the years.


elliot-alan2Elliot Allan, SEO Analyst

I’m grateful for working at MSROI as it gives us, as employees, a flexible schedule with the ability to work from wherever you are in the world. In my 7 months at the company I’ve been overseas twice and still been able to go about my work as usual. Everyone’s opinion matters here at MSROI, and overall it’s a terrific company to work for. There are opportunities for growth and development, and it’s great to collaborate and learn from driven, like-minded professionals. Working here you are quick to understand the company’s core values; full transparency, exceeding clients expectations and keeping a smile on everyone’s face.


david-poarch-150 David Poarch, Web Developer

I work multiple jobs and have a life that requires high mobility.  Work with Main Street ROI is conducive to my personal situation.  I can perform the work from anywhere in the world and around my schedule.  This flexibility translates to other aspects of Main Street ROI as well, as the team is easy to work with and the operational system in place is effective and efficient.



Kirsten Hopstaken Kirsten Hopstaken, Web Developer & Marketing Technologist

Years ago I had to make a decision to go back to my career in the hospital or start a new career in digital marketing/web development. I chose the latter and will never regret the choice I made back then. I ended up with the team of Main Street ROI and working here provided me with opportunities to expand my skills and stay up to date with the latest developments in digital marketing. I am very grateful for the ability to work with – and learn from –  my team members and the flexibility offered so this job is easy to combine with my family and hobbies.


morgan_gertler_biopic150x150Morgan Gertler, Director of Client Services and Partnerships

How can I pick just ONE thing!? I love working with small businesses, and I love the team that MSROI has put together over the years. Working with small businesses has always been really satisfying and exciting – you can really see the direct outcome of the work you do and put in place. At MSROI, I get to work with small businesses while collaborating with some of the smartest people I know – my colleagues! We are always learning from each other and striving to do the best for our clients. Even though we work remotely and don’t get to see each other daily, we have processes in place that allow us to chat and remain in contact throughout the day, so I never actually feel “remote”.


Pete_Kennedy_headshot-150x150Pete Kennedy, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

I’m most grateful for our team. Over the years, we’ve assembled a great team of people with different skills sets and personalities. We all work together as a team, even though we’re a largely virtual organization with team members spread out across the greater NYC area, Florida, Texas and Michigan. Everybody comes to work excited and inspired to help solve marketing problems for small businesses.


alex-canelosAlex Canelos, Web Developer

In working at Main Street ROI, I feel like I’m indirectly helping smaller businesses reach their goals. I think that small businesses have a lot to offer their communities. They provide a more human element in contrast to huge corporations. I also appreciate MSROI’s spirit of collaboration. My coworkers seem very dedicated and supportive of one another.



kaitlin-smithKaitlin Smith, Digital Marketing Advisor

There are many reasons why I’m THANKFUL to work for MSROI. Helping the business owners grow their business is extremely fulfilling! We are encouraged to share our opinions at MSROI to help our own company perform at the best we can. And, the ability to be able to raise my son (sanely) as a working mom is a necessity and made so easy here.



Michael_CianciulliMike Ciancuilli

I’m grateful for working at MSROI for many reasons but the two reasons at the top of the list are personal growth and the friendships I’ve made. When I first started at MSROI I was familiar with digital marketing but in the years I’ve been here I have learned so much thanks to the wonderful team I have around me. Which brings me to the next reason I love MSROI, the people I work with. Working at this company doesn’t just foster workplace friendships but instead friendships that I will have for life.


Thank you!

From all of us at Main Street ROI, we hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and that it’s the start of a very happy and healthy holiday season. We are grateful for every client and partner we work with, and for every single person who reads our blog, opens our emails, or attends our webinars. Thank you for being part of the MSROI family!