Earlier this month, I got an update from our friends at thumbtack.com about a new survey they recently completed with the Kauffman Foundation.

Thumbtack surveyed 6,000 small business owners about the “business friendliness” of their states, and then organized that information into an online map of the survey results.

Here’s a quick summary of the results from different categories:


Overall business friendliness

“In general, how would you rate your state’s support of small business owners?”

  • Best: Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah
  • Worst: California, Hawaii, Vermont, Rhode Island


Ease of starting a business

“How difficult or easy do you think it is to start a business in your state?”

  • Best: Idaho, Arkansas, Utah, Oklahoma
  • Worst: Hawaii, Vermont, Rhode Island


Current economic health of business

“How would you rate y our company’s financial situation today?”

  • Best: Nebraska, Arkansas, Montana, Iowa
  • Worst: Nevada, Maine, Connecticut


Optimism about the future

“How do you think your company’s financial situation will be 12 months from now?”

  • Best: Nebraska, Arkansas, Utah, Montana
  • Worst: New Jersey, New Hampshire, Iowa


Go see the results for your area!