Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. For one, it kicks off the “most wonderful time of the year” and for two, it’s a holiday focused on expressing gratitude for the amazing things in our lives.

Yesterday, as I spent time enjoying (way too much) food with my family, I reflected on the many things I have to be thankful for from 2016. One thing that kept coming up was my job.

Working at Main Street ROI is something I’m incredibly grateful for. Here’s the who, what, where, when, and the how I am thankful for my job everyday.


The Who

Each member our of our team believes in the importance of successful small businesses and truly wants to help them grow. As the content marketing manager, I don’t work directly with clients, but the partnerships I build are with associations and organizations who all have the same goal as we do.

I love spending my day being inspired by the work people across the country do to help each other succeed. It’s amazing to hear stories of people following their dreams to own a thriving Day Spa, Acupuncture practice, or any other small business venture.

I’m also grateful for my co-workers. I felt welcome at Main Street ROI from the first day I started on this team. Not only do I admire the work ethic of my colleagues, but each of them also has a unique and wonderful sense of humor. When you can laugh multiple times throughout the work day, it makes it tremendously more enjoyable.

The What

I am incredibly grateful to work for a company whose mission I 100% believe in. Our goal everyday is to help small businesses flourish.

Both of my parents own their own businesses — my father owns a construction company and my mother is an artist. Growing up, I saw the amount of hard work and endless hours it takes to make your business successful. Sometimes it means working when everyone else is off and sacrificing time off in order to keep the business running. I have great respect for the dedication small business owners have to achieving success.

I love that the work we do actually makes a difference in the lives of the clients we work with. Whether it’s helping to raise the rankings on Google through an SEO campaign, or teaching people how to do email marketing on a training webinar, the work we do empowers small business owners to grow. Working every day for a mission I support makes me feel very lucky.

The When & The Where

Main Street ROI gives its employees the opportunity to work remotely which is an absolute dream come true. We have an office in New York City that’s available for us to work from if we choose, but the majority of our team works from home.

As a part-time yoga instructor, the flexibility that Main Street ROI offers me is something I’m grateful for every day. When I left my previous job I was determined to find a way to be in charge of my own schedule. I wanted the opportunity to teach more yoga and to travel.

Because of the work-from-home option, I’m able to teach an early morning yoga class and then spend the afternoon doing my work for Main Street ROI. I gain more time in my day by cutting out the commute to work and have the flexibility to work from anywhere, which has been great during times that I’ve traveled to see friends or family.

Phil and Pete, Main Street’s owners, trust our team to take care of the work we need to accomplish in order to benefit our clients and our company as a whole. By giving us the flexibility to do that on a schedule that works for us, they’ve created a company culture of passionate people who never want to let our team or our clients down. I’m truly grateful for that every single day.

The How

The only way to successfully run a business is through open communication and teamwork.

I have friends who tell me they are petrified of addressing a problem or even sharing a new idea at work for fear of being criticized. I am so grateful that is not the case for me.

At Main Street ROI, we are encouraged to come up with new ideas and suggestions about how we can make processes run better for our team. If there is ever a breakdown in communication, we discuss how to fix it for the future rather than remaining focused on who’s fault it was this time around.

Because I know that everyone on our team is dedicated to the same goal, I have complete trust that the projects we’re working on will get completed on time and with careful attention to detail. It’s great to be a part of a team that you can count on.

A Message of Thanks

Research has shown that gratitude is directly linked to our happiness and well-being. I hope you take time throughout this holiday season to continue being thankful for all of the wonderful things in your life.

From the entire team at Main Street ROI, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we thank you for bring part of the Main Street family.