If you’re like most people, you struggle to come up with Google Ads headlines.

It’s only 30 characters, but it’s the hardest 30 characters you’ll ever write.

You know what you put in the headline matters, which is why it can be like pulling teeth to come up with an effective headline.

The good news is that after you’ve had some experience with writing them, they can be quite easy. It’s really just knowing what types of headlines work best, and then plugging your product or service into it.

To help you get started on writing powerful Google Ads headlines, try using some of these templates the next time you have writer’s block.

Powerful Google Ads Headline Templates

#1: The Question

Example: “Looking for ________?”

Asking someone a question sparks their attention, especially when it’s about something they searched for on Google. Most searchers feel understood and satisfied when you prompt them with a question similar to what they are indeed looking for.


#2: Numbers

Example: “________ Ways to ________”

In the first part of this headline, you put a number. It should be a surprising one that will excite most people. The second part of the headline should be what your product or service delivers. For example, if you sell a product that helps people lose weight, your headline may be “100 Ways to Lose Weight.”


#3: Location

Example: “__________ in __________” or “_________ _________”

This one simply includes what you are and where you are located. The first template puts your professional title in front of the location, such as “Dentist in NYC.” The second headline puts the professional title after the location, so “NYC Dentist.”

This may seem too simple to work, but that’s the trick. Google Ads headlines need to be simple. You have a fraction of a second to grab the attention of Internet searchers, and telling them you are what they are seeking is the best way to do it.


#4: Comparison

Example: “How Our _________ Compares”

People love it when they feel like they can get something better simply by going with one business over another one. You can make them feel that way with this headline. Just put your product or service in the space.


#5: Buzzwords

Example:  “Get __________ w/ Free Shipping”

So, this one is a bit different. The template is for those of you with products. The buzzwords are get, shipping, and free. These words, along with your, save, online, and you seem to lead to more clicks.


#6: Offer

Example: “Save 20% On Our ________”

People love a great deal, especially those ready to make a purchase. An offer headline gets people’s attention because as they say, “Money talks.”


Combine to Achieve Better Results

You don’t have to pick one template. You can combine two or more templates to take your ad headline up a notch. For instance, you could combine the question ad headline with the buzzword one by using, “Want Free Shipping on ______?” Actually, this includes three of the templates – the question, buzzwords, AND offer.

Effective Google Ads headlines are ones that get your target audience clicking through to your landing page. You don’t know which ones will be the most powerful until you make then live. Do some A/B testing to see which ones deliver the best results. As you see which ones get the most clicks, you’ll be able to adjust those a little to see if it increases click-through rates even more.

Before you know it, you’ll be writing powerful headlines without much hesitation. You’ll know what works, and then all you have to do is change out some of the words for what you want to promote.


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