Last Friday, I explained how to get an automated email follow-up system set up in 3 easy steps. And in that article, I addressed the two most common reasons why business owners are reluctant to set up email automation: They think it’s too expensive and/or they think it’s too complicated.

But there’s still one more reason business owners drag their feet, and it’s much more basic than the two reasons in my previous article.

In fact, even if you go through the 3 steps, then you could get stuck because it’s not totally obvious exactly what to send to prospectsSo in this article, I’m going to give you 4 follow-up ideas that are proven to get more prospects to respond to buy your product or service.


Follow-Up Idea #1: Establish Authority

The first thing idea is to send educational information to establish your authority and expertise on your particular topic.  For example, if you’re a DUI defense attorney, then you should follow up with an email explaining what typically happens when you’re charged with a DUI.  Talk about the options including what happens if you do not hire a reputable defense attorney.

Or if you’re selling a home beer brewing kit, then you could send a video tutorial that walks through common mistakes to avoid when brewing your first batch of beer.  No matter what you sell, there’s an opportunity to send educational information that establishes your authority and positions you as the trusted, expert advisor.  Once you’ve earned trust, then you’re well on your way to making the sale.


Follow-Up Idea #2: Establish Credibility

In addition to establishing authority, it’s important to show you’re a credible, legitimate business.  Everyone has the fear of getting ripped off and the fear is even stronger when your prospect first finds you in the “wild wild online world.”  So it’s important to follow up with emails to boost your credibility.  For example, if you’ve been mentioned in relevant press, send a link to the press article.  Or if you were interviewed, then send an email referencing your interview.

The goal with these emails is obvious – prove to your prospect you’re legitimate so there’s no fear of getting ripped off.


Follow-Up Idea #3: Build Rapport

We all know people buy from people, not companies.  Yet, it’s easy to forget this fact and only follow up with information about your company.  Don’t make this mistake!  Instead, include something personal about you, your family, and/or your employees to build a stronger relationship with your prospects.  This is basic sales 101, but it’s often overlooked when building out automated email follow up sequences.

The goal of personal emails like these is to build rapport and connect personally with your prospects.  At Main Street ROI, I always include a personal note in every one of our email newsletters.  Some of our subscribers and members have told me that’s one of the main reasons they open my emails.  They want to hear what’s happening in my life.  When you start to get that kind of feedback, then you know you’re doing a good job with your follow up.


Follow-Up Idea #4: Overcome Objections

This one is a biggy.  By far the best way to overcome objections in your email follow up is to use testimonials. For example, let’s say you’re a premium provider and a common reason why prospects do not buy is because your fees are higher than some of your competitors.

If that’s the case, then you can send an email that hits that issue head on with a customer testimonial.  Ideally, you can get a testimonial from a customer that says something like “I first went with one of the cheaper solutions out there and boy was that a mistake.  I guess it’s true that you get what you pay for in this industry.  You went above and beyond my expectations and you were worth every penny!”

If you tried to explain that yourself, then the prospect would probably shrug it off as a sales pitch.  However, when it comes from a previous customer, your prospect has more confidence it’s actually true.

Alright, those are the 4 follow up topics I recommend you include in your follow up sequence after your prospect requests your lead magnet.  To increase your response rates and sales, try to include ALL 4 ideas throughout your typical sales cycle.

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