Frank Castiglione and Frank Tragesser of AO Nutrition talk about their experience working with Main Street ROI, and the return on ad spend we’ve been able to achieve together for their business.

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Video Transcription

0:03 This is Frank Castiglione with AO

0:06 Nutrition and Frank Tragesser the other

0:08 half of AO Nutrition yes yes so we just

0:11 wanted to put together a little

0:12 testimonial video about the solid work

0:15 that your team has done for us Main

0:17 Street

0:18 um especially Riley I mean the

0:20 communication is second to none we get

0:23 emails we have meetings I get reports

0:26 it’s just been really a fantastic

0:27 experience so the reason we even hired

0:30 Main Street was we were dabbling in

0:33 Google ads we kept getting everything

0:34 rejected we went into merchant services

0:37 the shopping campaigns and the same

0:40 thing most of our products were getting

0:42 rejected so we discussed uh you know our

0:46 plan of action what we’re trying to do

0:48 with these campaigns uh how we can scale

0:50 it and basically they came up with a

0:52 solution and have worked diligently to

0:55 overcome obstacles we’ve had bridge the

0:57 gap of the communication and implement

1:00 the systems that have worked where

1:02 you know we’ve been able to make the

1:04changes on the back end and identify

1:06 again and solve the problems to where

1:08 now we’re marketing and our return is

1:11 probably about six times what it was

1:13 previous to that so we’re very excited

1:17 about everything that’s been done I do

1:21 mainly the marketing and some of the

1:23 operations and things like that face to

1:25 face the company he does a lot of sales

1:26 so he sees them all coming in

1:29 um and I mainly communicate with rather

1:31 but it’s been a pleasure it’s been an

1:32 absolute amazing experience

1:34 um so if you’re thinking about hiring a

1:37 team to help you with your Google ads

1:38 and marketing there’s no no one better

1:41 I’ve been doing this for 12 years okay

1:43 and it’s definitely been a challenge up

1:45 until we found you guys and we’re super

1:48 grateful it’s definitely helped our

1:50 company we’ve noticed a a much cleaner

1:54 a more efficient way for us to run our

1:57 business thanks to you guys and I just

1:59 want to say we are extremely

2:00 appreciative and thank you