Today, we’re thrilled to turn the spotlight on a distinguished marketing agency that specializes in serving attorneys.

Collaboration is a driving force behind innovation and success. That’s why we’re always looking to collaborate with other agencies to share best practices and thought leadership, and to potentially work together on client projects.

Consultwebs is a digital marketing agency aimed specifically at helping attorneys maximize their online presence. They offer a full suite of services, including SEO, PPC, web design, and more.

Learn more about Consultwebs in this week’s agency spotlight!

1) Tell us a bit about your agency. What is your agency’s area of expertise?

Consultwebs has over 2 decades of “in the trenches” experience helping law firms dominate their digital market area. Known for getting results and driving consistent cases for law firms across the country, our focus is around accountability on objective success metrics like Cost Per Case and Cost Per Lead through our digital marketing campaigns.

Although the market continues to evolve and the methods for driving cases may change, Consultwebs services law firms through a coordinated and comprehensive approach utilizing effective website design, search engine optimization (SEO), engaging content development, Social Media, Local Services Ads (LSAs), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email Marketing, among other strategies to promote a law firm’s brand and attract new business.

2) Who is your ideal client?

Small to midsize law firms (often, 1 to 12 attorney firms) with a focus on the consumer market. Most often for Consultwebs, that is personal injury. We also have great success in criminal defense, estate planning, family law, and bankruptcy among other niches.

3) Why do clients choose to work with your agency?

Primarily because of our long-standing track record in treating people well and getting results. We have worked hard to be the best in our industry and be accountable to our word and our work, and our results speak for themselves.
“Consultwebs knows how to drive business to my site.” — David Craig, Partner at Craig, Kelley, & Faultless (

4) When you review potential clients, what is a common mistake that you see them making with their marketing?

Many lawyers prefer to be hands-off with their marketing — many of which prefer to practice law over running a business. Great law firms have people focused on both within their business. I would encourage lawyers to ensure they have someone dedicated within their office to being accountable to the results of their marketing and to be involved, at least monthly, with whoever is marketing on their behalf (content writers, social media consultants, advertisers, agencies, etc.). Increase accountability and you will most often increase results. If you don’t have someone in your office to do this, YOU must be the one until you can effectively delegate it. It matters.

5) Can you share a marketing channel, strategy, or tactic that is working well for your clients right now?

While an effective website with a strong local (Google Maps) presence is tried and true over the years (often requiring you to beef up your online reviews), we tell our clients that you need to be in Local Services Ads (LSAs) at minimum — those are considered “table stakes” in our industry. Beyond that, invest in your brand and build awareness in the marketplace. People like to do business with those they know, like, and trust. Be intentional about developing those emotions with your audience in your marketing and advertising.

6) What’s your advice for an agency owner who’s just starting out?

Identify your core strength as it relates to helping law firms and adding value to their business. Lean in on that and focus relentlessly on repeating that service in a quality way. Growth will take care of itself. I would also encourage you to choose your clients wisely — as difficult as that may be as you’re building your agency. If your gut says no but your wallet says yes, go with your gut. It will serve you well in the long run and you will thank your younger self later.

7) In terms of marketing your own agency, what’s working best for you in terms of gaining new clients?

Speaking engagements have always been effective for us. Simply getting out and meeting new people is a powerful growth tool for a business, but layering on a speaking engagement where you have the ability to give value and showcase expertise… that is where business is consistently earned. Other strategies like SEO, digital advertising, and email marketing are always important and consistent drivers of new business, as well.

8) How would you describe your agency’s culture?

We care deeply about one another and have fun. We are a fully remote business with over 100 people across the world. Because of that, we have to stride hard to protect culture. Our core values focus heavily on integrity, committing your best, evolving to stay ahead, and communicating effectively by leaning into one another’s personalities.

9) What do you look for in a new hire at your agency?

A willingness to learn and grow, and a proven record of taking initiative.

10) How are you using (or not using) generative AI in your marketing agency?

We are leveraging it through building efficiencies into existing processes and systems within our organization. It has been a tremendous tool for ideation and research, streamlining work and giving us the ability to invest more time and energy into our client’s campaign and results. To be clear, we do not recommend using it for content generation unless there is extensive review and proofing to ensure accuracy and avoid plagiarism.