A meta description helps to tell Google what a webpage is all about. The meta description is a type of meta tag, so it does not appear on the page, only in the code — but it does appear in search listings as a sort of snippet. Therefore, a well-written meta description can both improve your search rankings and entice prospects to click on your website.

Your webpages’ meta descriptions should be unique and descriptive, and should briefly describe the contents of the page. Aim for 70 to 156 characters.

You can use a tool such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider to scan your website to identify any pages that are lacking meta descriptions or pages that have duplicate meta descriptions.

Not sure how to write a meta description? Here’s an example template for a small business homepage:

{Name of Your Company} offers quality {your main products or services} in {Your City}. Call {Your Phone Number} today for {Your Offer – such as a free consultation}.

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