Facebook Ads Services For Lawyers

Facebook Ads let you target potential clients with laser-like precision, but not all digital marketing agencies understand how to tailor a campaign to the needs of attorneys and law firms. Want to promote your estate planning services to residents of the retirement community in your town? Advertise the benefits of prenuptial agreements to engaged couples of a certain income bracket? We can do that and more.

Main Street ROI specializes in Facebook Ads services for attorneys, law firm marketing managers, and legal consultants and agencies. We provide monthly Facebook Ads management services as well as a Facebook Ads Jumpstart, a one-time Facebook Ads project tailored to your needs. Our Facebook Ads services for law firms ensure that you’re spending smart and generating as many new clients as possible through your advertising.

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We value responsive service, so our team is always available via email and phone to help you get answers to your questions.


With Main Street ROI, you don’t get a black box—you get an open book. We’re completely transparent with our clients, so you’ll get detailed reporting about our work and the results we’re seeing.

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Thousands of attorneys, small business owners, and marketing consultants subscribe to the Main Street ROI newsletter and hundreds attend our popular training webinars each month.

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Our proven approach to Facebook Ads for lawyers starts with a comprehensive review of your website and marketing campaigns, then continues by identifying your ideal clients and using Facebook’s targeting options to reach them.

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We Offer Monthly Ad Management & One-Time Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should lawyers invest in Facebook Ads?

Facebook offers options for targeting potential clients that go far beyond those offered by any other platform. This laser-targeting gets you the results you want almost immediately, rather than investing time and money into building an organic following over the course of months or even years.

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Who owns the Facebook Ads accounts?

You as the client will own your Facebook Ads accounts.

Does Main Street ROI earn any commission or markup from Facebook Ads advertising?

No, that’s not how we do business. Our compensation comes from our management fee, then you’ll pay Facebook directly for your advertising. We don’t receive any markup or commission from Facebook.

How much does Facebook Ads management cost?

Main Street ROI’s popular Facebook Ads management service for attorneys starts at $500 per month and increases based on the number, size, and complexity of your campaigns.

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Is there a minimum budget?

We don’t set a minimum budget for the attorneys and law firms we work with, but we do recommend that our clients have at least $1000 a month to invest in advertising on Facebook—$500 for our management fee and $500 for their ad spend.

For clients with a smaller budget for Facebook Ads, we suggest starting with our one-time Facebook Ads Jumpstart.

Do you require long-term commitments?

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, our goal isn’t to lock you into a long-term contract—it’s to earn your business through providing results. We only require a 30-day written notice to cancel our monthly Facebook Ads management services. Our Facebook Ads Jumpstart has no ongoing commitment whatsoever.

Who will I be working with?

Your main point of contact will be a dedicated consultant who has expertise in Facebook Ads for attorneys. They will be responsible for the research, planning, and performance of your account. Our founder Phil Frost oversees all Facebook Ads projects for quality.