Google Ads for Lawyers

Google Ads should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy if you’re an attorney. When people are looking for a lawyer, they’re likely looking on Google. A well-placed, carefully-crafted ad on Google lets prospects know instantly that they can stop their search because you offer the services they need.

Main Street ROI specializes in Google Ads services attorneys, law firm marketing managers, and legal consultants and agencies. Our offerings include both monthly Google Ads management for lawyers as well as one-time Google Ads projects (Google Ads Jumpstart). With Main Street ROI’s Google Ads services, you can be sure that you’re spending smart to grow your legal practice.

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As we like to say, we’re not a black box—we’re an open book. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we provide detailed reporting on what we’re doing and the results your Google Ads are getting.

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We Offer Monthly Ad Management & One-Time Projects For Attorneys

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should attorneys use Google Ads?

Google Ads allows you to rank at the top of Google search results in days, rather than months. This, combined with our smart targeting and ad copywriting capabilities, means you’ll see an immediate increase in interest from new clients.

Who owns the Google Ads accounts?

You own your Google Ads accounts, not us.

Does Main Street ROI earn any commission or markup from Google Ads advertising?

No, our income comes solely from our management fees, not from markups or commissions from Google. You’ll pay Google directly for your advertising.

How much does Google Ads management cost?

Our Google Ads management services for attorneys start at $500 per month, with the cost increasing based on the number, size, and complexity of the ad campaigns you’d like to run.

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Is there a minimum budget?

No, Main Street ROI does not have a minimum budget requirement for Google Ads management. However, in our view, it only makes sense for you to invest in monthly Google Ads management if your combined monthly budget (i.e., your Google ad spend and our management fees) is at least $1000 per month—in other words, $500 for our fee and $500 for your ad spend.

If your law firm’s total budget for Google Ads is less than this, we recommend starting with a one-time Google Ads Jumpstart instead of opting for monthly service.

Do you require long-term commitments?

Our one-time Google Ads Jumpstart projects have no ongoing commitment whatsoever and we only require a 30-day written cancellation notice for our monthly Google Ads management service. Most digital marketing agencies require long-term contracts, but it’s important to us that we earn your business each month. Our long-standing clients can attest to our results.

Who will I be working with?

Your primary point of contact will be your dedicated Google Ads consultant who is responsible for the research, planning, and performance of your account. In addition, our founder Phil Frost oversees all of our Google Ads projects and is available to discuss your account with you if you ever have any questions.

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