Last week I started working with a new Marketing Breakthrough member who was sick of wasting her money on SEO that didn’t perform.  Sound familiar? It seems like every day now I hear another angry business owner cursing SEO.

Don’t get the wrong impression here, I’m not saying SEO is bad or does not perform.  SEO is not the problem.  It’s a great tactic to drive qualified prospects to your website, and we provide training to help businesses get ranked higher in search engines like Google.

My point is that a lot of businesses like the woman I spoke to last week are simply not getting a positive return on investment, or ROI.  SEO companies charge between $500 to several thousand dollars per month and often the business owner is not generating profits on that monthly fee.  Why is that the case?


Why Are Many Businesses Failing To Profit From SEO?

To answer this question, I’ll use my call last week as the example.  On my call, I didn’t ask about her search engine rankings.  It didn’t matter where she was ranked in Google.  She could have been #1 or #1,000.

I didn’t ask how many website visitors she was getting each month from SEO.  Again, that information wasn’t important.  She could get 100 visits or 1,000,000 visits per month from Google and the results would still be the same.

I also did not ask about her keyword selection to make sure she was going after the best keywords for her business.

Can you guess why none of this information was really important?  I’ll give you a hint… All of those questions are focused on the SEO campaign.  And the function of SEO is to drive qualified prospects to your website.

Did you catch that? Read that last sentence again because it’s a critical point.  SEO drives prospects to your website.  SEO does NOT convert the prospects into leads and sales.


Your Website Is Responsible For Conversion

Once prospects land on your website, from SEO or any other traffic generation tactic, then it’s your website’s job to get that prospect to take action (i.e. call you, visit your store, schedule an appointment, or make a purchase).

The reason I didn’t ask SEO related questions on my call was because I knew the real reason she was losing money was because of her website.  She was missing the key ingredients required to convert visitors into leads and sales.  If your website is not set up properly, then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you throw at it.  The results will always be lousy.


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