Search engine optimization (SEO) can be very frustrating.

Google’s algorithm is complex so there is rarely just one thing you can do to get one of your webpages to rank #1.  In fact, focusing too much on any one tactic or on any one of your webpages can be counterproductive.

Just because you want to rank webpage A, doesn’t mean you should invest all of your time and energy working on webpage A.  That’s not how SEO works.  Sorry, but it’s not quite that simple!  And that’s exactly why SEO can be so frustrating.

To understand this, let’s take a look at another complex system that we’re all familiar with…


The Human Body

Like search engine algorithms, our bodies are also extremely complex systems. Trust me, this is an important point and I promise it’ll help you with your SEO.

Most people know that being in shape is not as simple as doing one thing.  For example, you can’t just lift weights.  You also can’t just run for extended periods of time.  Both are important, but if you only focus on one area (weight training or cardio), then you’ll never be as fit as you can be.

That’s why programs like CrossFit have become so popular.  To be in the best shape, you must combine strength training with speed and endurance training, as well as a healthy diet.

To take this a step further, whenever you have pain while working out, then that isolated area of pain is not usually the root cause.  For example, I recently had calf pain, but the cause was not a weak calf muscle, it was tightness in my hamstrings and back.  Also, when I get pain on the outside of the knee then I know that’s a signal that my hips are too tight and pulling my IT band.

OK, so what’s the point and how does this relate to SEO?

SEO Workout Plan (1)

You Need a “CrossFit SEO Program” to Be Successful

As I mentioned earlier, it’s counterproductive to only focus on ranking one webpage.  That’s like trying to work out one single muscle group (ex your biceps).  If all you did at the gym was bicep curls, then eventually you would get injured because your triceps and many other muscles would not be proportionately developed.

Plus, it’s not enough to focus on just on-page SEO factors like your meta data, webpage copy, and internal linking; You must also “cross-train” by incorporating off-page factors like content marketing, social media, and PR.

Again, overly focusing on just one area of SEO does not lead to long term success.

That brings us to the question I’m sure you’re already asking…


What Should YOU Be Doing To Improve your Google Rankings?

If you’ve been following along, then the answer should be fairly obvious.

I’ll give you a hint.  Should you and I do the exact same workout program if we want to get in the best shape of our lives?

Unless you’re at the exact same fitness level as me, then the answer is NO!

The same is true with SEO.  The best SEO plan for your website must be customized based on your unique situation.  There’s no one-size-fits-all program that works for everyone.

That’s why if you’re looking for help with SEO, then I recommend you request a consultation with one of our Marketing Advisors.  Once we better understand your current situation, then we’ll create a custom SEO plan to help you achieve your goals.