Every month, we feature a member of our team here at Main Street ROI. This month, we’re featuring our Technology Lead, Victor Wu.

Meet Victor Wu



How did you get into technology?

I had an early fascination with computers at a young age. Also, my dad ran a computer shop, where I would occasionally help out with the repairs. In those days, sometimes I would cause more issues with the computers, but I still learned a great deal and those early experiences helped to develop my fascination with technology.

It wasn’t until I got into college where I really started to develop my skills. I went to Rochester Institute of Technology, and there I had much greater exposure to different types of technology. At college, I met a friend who started his own web development company during his freshman year of college. From that moment on, I was inspired and I wanted to learn more about web technology, and I was set on pursuing technology as a career.


What do you like most about working with small business clients?

It’s extremely rewarding to help out a small business client and receive instantaneous feedback from the business owner. I’m always looking to lend a helping hand and it’s a great feeling when you know your work has directly helped to grow a client’s company.


What do you like most about working at Main Street ROI?

I enjoy being able to help out small business clients and watching their traffic and businesses grow with time.

We work a lot of different types of businesses, and I like the variety that comes along with working with various types of websites and content management systems. It’s definitely a challenging and fun experience.

I love the flexibility I have working at Main Street ROI. Although we have an office in NYC, we’re pretty much a virtual company and I have freedom to set my schedule. And the capacity to work from anywhere is a great feeling.

Having understanding, flexible and friendly supervisors as well as co-workers also makes my work experience more enjoyable.


What do you like to do outside of the office?

Besides staying true to Asian stereotypes and playing a lot of video games, I really do think it’s important to stay active as well. I also enjoy playing  basketball with friends or going to the gym as well as swimming.

I also like to work on side projects volunteering my skills to friends that need help with building or maintaining websites. I also enjoy keeping up to date with new web technologies.


What marketing trend are you most excited about for small businesses (and why)?

I’m interested to see what happens as new electronics and devices become more widely used, and how this will affect small business marketing. We’re already seeing a huge rise in mobile and tablet devices, and it’ll be interesting to watch what happens with other breakthroughs such as wearable devices.