Out of all the different digital marketing tactics at your fingertips, which one gives you the ability to generate sales on-demand?  Which one puts you in the driver’s seat where you are in complete control?  And which one can be automated to nurture and close deals 24/7?

Hmm… It’s not SEO.  It’s not advertising.  It’s not social media.  None of those pass the 3 criteria above.

The only digital marketing tactic that can do all of that is the tactic you probably pay the least attention to in your business.  In fact, many business owners believe this tactic doesn’t work.  Many believe it’s dead, it’s dying, or it’s not worth the effort.  That couldn’t be further from the truth!

I promise you email marketing is alive and even thriving despite all the rumors about it’s death.  I know because email is one of the biggest sources of leads and sales for Main Street ROI.  Trust me, email works.  In this article, I’ll explain why…

Email Marketing


You Decide Who, What & When to Promote

As I said, email marketing gives you complete control over who to target, what to promote, and when to send your message.  Want to run a special ‘so-good-it’s-scary’ promotion on Halloween to all of your prospects who haven’t yet purchased from you? No problem.

Want to promote a bonus offer to customers as a way to say “thank you” before Thanksgiving?  Just type up the email and click send.

Where else do you get that kind of control with your marketing?

OK, maybe promotions are not a good fit for your business.  Let’s switch gears and look at lead generation and lead nurturing…


You Control the Follow-Up Frequency & Message

I’m shocked more services businesses do not use email marketing to follow up with and nurture prospects.  Everyone knows follow up is critical in sales.  Yet, most sales people do not have the discipline to follow up, or they don’t have a reason to consistently follow up with qualified leads.

This is yet another reason why email marketing is such a great tactic.  Hey, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at following up.  However, it’s OK because we send an email newsletter every single week.  So our email marketing does most of the follow-up heavy lifting for me!

I can’t tell you how many times prospective clients have called me to say they feel like they already have a connection to me.  That’s the power of email marketing.  You can build and nurture relationships with all of your prospects so you’re the first business they call when the time is right.


You Can Put Your Marketing On Autopilot

Finally, with email you can put a lot of your marketing on autopilot.  More specifically, I’m talking about autoresponders (or drip campaigns).  If you ever requested a free guide or checklist from us, then you received a few of our autoresponders.

An autoresponder is simply an email that is sent automatically, typically after an action like a webform submission.  For example, when you request our SEO checklist, then you’ll receive a few autoresponder emails from us asking if you would like to learn more about our SEO services.  These emails are sent automatically, so by using autoresponders you can literally generate leads in your sleep.


Want Our Complete Email Marketing System?

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