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What’s the fastest way to attract new customers to your business? Without a doubt, my answer is…

Google AdWords

With AdWords, you can have ads up and running in minutes. And get in front of potential customers.

“But wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “You can get other types of ads up and running quickly too. Why aren’t you recommending Facebook ads instead?”

It’s true. You can get Facebook ads up and running quickly too (well… that’s assuming you can get your ads approved… but that’s another story…)

The biggest difference between Google AdWords and Facebook ads is that you’ll get in front of potential customers when they’re ready to buy.

Get In Front of Buyers

People go to with a specific intent to research or buy something.

However, on Facebook, people are there with the intent to have fun and be entertained.

Just think about your own experience using the two websites.

So, if you want to attract new customers who are ready to buy your products or services, I strongly recommend you use Google AdWords.

And here are 3 more reasons why I’m a big fan of AdWords…

Get Guaranteed Rankings

You might be thinking, “Why advertise with Google AdWords? I’d much rather just get my website ranking in Google and get free SEO traffic.”

Sure, SEO traffic is great. But you can’t guarantee your placement with SEO. The reality is that your SEO rankings will fluctuate. And so it’s a good idea to have some insurance. You can pretty much guarantee first-page placement with Google AdWords.

And if you’re already ranking in Google, then you can use Google AdWords to get double placement and gain even more market share.

Create A New Profit Center

When you do it right, AdWords can be a very reliable profit center for your business.

For example, we have a private client who spends $100,000 per month with Google AdWords.

And you might think, “That’s crazy! Why would you spend so much?!”  (And, to be fair, every few months, the CEO of this company pulls us aside and questions us about the very large bank transfers he makes to Google every month…)

But the reason the company spends so much on AdWords is because it’s very profitable. The company earns an average of $30,000 in profit per month on that ad spend, and generates at least 1,000 new customers per month — month in, month out — like clockwork…. and has for the past 3 years.

Most people think about advertising as an expense to be limited. But for this business, AdWords is a very valuable profit center. And we’re always looking for opportunities to spend MORE money on advertising (as long as it’s profitable).

Testing, Testing, Testing

One of my favorite ways to use Google AdWords is to test.

If you’re investing in SEO, for example, you can use AdWords to identify your best keyword opportunities. For example, instead of guessing about which keyword to optimize your homepage Title tag for, wouldn’t it be a smart idea to target a keyword that’s been proven to convert?  AdWords is the best way to test which keywords convert.

Here’s another example: Tim Ferris famously used Google AdWords to test potential titles for his first book. The winning AdWords headline was “The 4 Hour Workweek” — so he went with that. The rest is history. The book spent 4 years on the NYTimes best-seller list. And today, many book publishers use AdWords to test new book titles.

And we’re currently using Google AdWords in our business to test different advertising messages before we roll out into more expensive categories like print ads and direct mail.

Want More Adwords Tips?

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