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7 Simple Steps to Internet Marketing Success

If you want to improve your marketing results, but you don't know what steps to take, you're in luck -- because in this article, I'm going to outline the 7 simple steps to succeed with internet marketing. Of course, I could have added many more steps and sub-steps to over-complicate this formula, but a very [...]

9 Ways to Measure Digital Marketing Success

A positive return on investment is the goal of every digital marketing campaign. However, while the endgame of digital marketing is to increase profits, not every campaign directly leads to dollars and cents. Some campaigns raise awareness of your brand, while others might bring visitors to your blog -- both help increase profits in the [...]

Case Study: Do Facebook ads actually work?

Tonight, I was getting caught up on my podcasts... I just listened to the NPR Planet Money episode from a couple weeks ago, about Facebook's IPO. The episode cast doubt on Facebook's lofty $100 billion pre-IPO valuation (I share the skepticism). That inflated valuation was based on 2 assumptions, among others: Assumption #1: To have [...]

Internet Marketing Made Simple: The 3 Pillars

If you want to make money with your website, you really only need to focus on 3 things.  And I call them the 3 pillars because you need all 3 pieces in place, or else you'll fail.     Pillar #1. Traffic You need traffic to generate leads and customers.  Traffic is where most people [...]

How To Create A Small Business Marketing Budget

When I'm speaking to small business owners about their marketing, I often receive questions about marketing budgets. How much will this form of marketing cost? How much should they budget for the year on marketing? Etc. I have mixed feelings about marketing budgets. I think there are some pros and cons, as follows: Pros: If [...]