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Are You Throwing Spaghetti At the Wall & It’s Not Sticking? Here’s Why

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks."  It's a common way to describe the process of testing many different tactics at the same time in order to identify what works (sticks) and what doesn't work (falls to the floor). It's a nice analogy to visualize the process [...]

Why Businesses Should Adopt The “Parent-Teacher Conference”

If you have kids in school, then you know this time of the year is "parent-teacher conference" season.  Even my 22-month-old daughter, Violet, who is in nursery school, had the day off on Tuesday for conferences. On one hand, it's annoying to stop the daily routine for a day and meet with the teachers.  There's [...]

1 SEO Factor You May Be Overlooking & Why It’s So Critical

When you dive into the world of search engine optimization (SEO), then it's easy to get overwhelmed very quickly.  There are hundreds of different factors that play a role in Google's ranking algorithm, Google is constantly testing edits to the design and layout of the search results, and then there's all the algorithm updates you [...]

Why Google Analytics Reports Do Not Match AdWords Reports

As part of our planning for 2014, we're conducting a survey to determine which areas of online marketing, besides SEO and AdWords, our audience is most interested in. It's still early, but the results so far have shocked me. (If you'd like to participate, then click here.  Everyone who completes the survey can also sign [...]

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